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Bill Zimmermann, TD

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  • bill_templer
    Bill Z. has a lot of nice writing prompts on his site, as the one he recommended for Song of Myself
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2009
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      Bill Z. has a lot of nice writing prompts on his site, as the one he recommended for 'Song of Myself'  http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Printables/print.php?file=R2C3_Ver1.gif&w=550&h=460      That is a prompt idea I've used in teaching poetry pedagogy, something I found in Kimberly Campbell's excellent book, LESS IS MORE: TEACHING LITERATURE WITH SHORT TEXTS (Stenhouse, 2007).

      TD: Here is the link to a new very inventive set of video-based teacher training materials, 14 modules, SHAPING THE WAY WE TEACH ENGLISH: SUCCESSFUL PRACTICES FROM AROUND THE WORLD:   http://oelp.uoregon.edu/shaping.html

      You can download all the videos, and there are supporting materials online. This is at the Office of English Language Programs (OELP) of the US government at the University of Oregon, itself a good site for teacher development. These videos range from building language awareness, group work, managing large classes, to critical & creative thinking, alternative assessment, peer observation and much more. Shaping the Way is worth including in various kinds of teacher development scenarios, and is accessible cost-free via youtube. This is thanks to US gov, which occasionally develops good stuff for EFL (despite the foreign policy).  --Bill



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