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TD related Editor opportunity with the British Council

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  • Anthony Gaughan
    The following is an announcement just received from the British Council. Although it does not state so, the British Council has confirmed that this is a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2013
      The following is an announcement just received from the British Council.  Although it does not state so, the British Council has confirmed that  this is a paid/remunerated position (though they did not provide me with any further details.) 

      The British Council seeks an editor for a volume of papers on the topic of Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English Language Teachers.
      The volume will be part of the British Council series Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning. It will provide a view of innovations in CPD that will be centred on the professional development of English language teachers, but will also reflect innovations across education systems as a whole in the professional development of teachers of all subjects. The volume will give an insight into practice around the world, including the UK.
      Overall aim of the volume:
      To provide a view of, and encourage, innovations in policy and practice in the Continuing Professional Development of teachers, and in education systems. The volume will:
      ·     represent innovations from the field of English language teaching and education globally
      ·     represent different levels of intervention for innovation
      ·     represent the impact of technological innovations on the professional development of teachers
      ·     enable readers potentially to apply the innovations discussed to their own situations
      ·     help the British Council to engage in policy dialogue on the topic of CPD for teachers.
      Format of the volume:
      ·     It is expected to contain 10-12 papers written by different writers, each looking at a different aspect of the topic
      ·     Each paper will be 4000-5000 words in length
      ·     The volume will be available online and in print form.
      Content of the volume
      Papers will present particular examples of innovation in the field, and will provide readers with a clear understanding of the issues addressed, the approach taken and the educational and theoretical background to the innovation. It will enable readers to apply the innovation, where appropriate, to their own situation. It is expected that papers will cover some or all of the following aspects of CPD in education and ELT, with a focus on the state education sector:
      ·     Innovations at a policy level by ministries and other responsible bodies at national or provincial level
      ·     Innovations in systems offering CPD for teachers
      ·     Innovations led by non-government and corporate organisations
      ·     Technological innovations
      ·     Innovations in the evaluation of the impact of CPD for teachers
      ·     Innovations in school leadership, and at school level, to support the effective CPD of teachers
      ·     Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers through teachers’ associations, professional bodies, universities, in-service institutions, etc.
      The volume editor’s tasks
      1.     To agree, with the British Council, the possible areas of focus of the papers in the book, and to suggest possible writers (the British Council will also advertise globally for writers)
      2.     To read the proposals received, and, with the British Council, agree those that will be accepted for the volume
      3.     To ensure the volume contains a balanced coverage of the topic, drawing from a range of cases and contexts; that each of the papers addresses the topic from a distinctive angle; and that unnecessary overlap or repetition across the papers is avoided.
      4.     To ensure that the volume is of high quality, that all papers respond to the overall theme of the volume in describing/illustrating innovation
      5.     To brief each writer on the project and on what is required, and agree the main themes with them and the structure of their paper
      6.     To manage and support each writer: liaise with them; give feedback on drafts and make suggestions; ensure that final papers are of high quality, well-structured and clearly written; ensure deadlines are met.
      7.     To write an initial chapter which summarises the latest research in CPD (of relevance to ELT), and draws together the main themes in the publication.
      Matters to do with contracts, design, proof-reading, printing and distribution will not be the responsibility of the volume editor.
      The volume editor will report to, and be supported by, a British Council officer.
      Minimum qualifications and experience for the position:
      1.     Wide-ranging knowledge of the area of CPD for teachers and in education systems is essential – with particular reference to ELT.
      2.     A relevant qualification at Masters level is desirable.
      Length of assignment:
      The editor will be expected to start on the assignment as soon as possible. The duration of the assignment is subject to discussion.
      If you wish to apply for the volume editor role, please send the following by email to Adrian Odell:
      adrian.odell@... by 28 May 2013:
      ·       an up-to-date curriculum vitae
      ·       a succinct statement of experience and skills relevant to the task
      ·       a vision for the volume, including topics, of no more than 300 words.
      The British Council will acknowledge receipt of all applications.
      Applications will be evaluated and shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview for the final selection.
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