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Developing Teachers in Developing Schools conference

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  • Mark Bain
    *Brighton 23-24th November 2012* *Joint conference and event with The ELT Leadership & Management SIG* This event aims to bring together ELT teachers and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2012

      Brighton 23-24th November 2012

      Joint conference and event with The ELT Leadership & Management SIG

      This event aims to bring together ELT teachers and management and other stakeholders to discuss themes of common interest such as organisational culture, teacher development, communication.

      We hope to welcome participants from different roles and contexts of ELT (teachers, managers, admin staff, marketing) who will work together on activities and tasks as well as listening to ideas.

      The event will include plenaries, parallel talks and workshops as well as some spaces left open to accommodate emergent discussions and themes, project planning etc.

      Adrian Underhill, probably with help from everyone, will facilitate the balance and fit between the pre-filled and open sessions. We will have a complete report of the day, including the emergent discussions, ready to email to everyone before they even leave the building.

      To sign up for this event: http://secure.iatefl.org/events/event.php?id=53

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