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1920 St Leger: please identify this sabino

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  • Jorge
    If Double Bed s inbred doses were sporting high leg markings and blazes everything is quite understandable. See his pedigree at:   DOUBLE BED (Chestnut colt
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2012
      If Double Bed's inbred doses were sporting high leg markings and blazes everything is quite understandable.
      See his pedigree at:
      DOUBLE BED (Chestnut colt 1917)

      From: Jorge <egrojsiriorb@...>
      To: Karen De Groote <iagenieme@...>
      Cc: Jorge <egrojsiriorb@...>
      Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 7:28 PM
      Subject: 1920 St Leger: please identify this sabino

      Thank you so much for the photo of HANSEN. Wow, just the same as his owner described him
      with that chestnut mane (and perhaps the tail too). He is a real specimen! Hope that when times comes
      he becomes a colorful thrower. His strange gray version does not assure an identical repetition at the breeding shed
      because that was not the case with VIGORS who was even whiter than HANSEN but at stud the former performed like
      an ordinary normal gray.
      As per the mysterious sabino colt, seems to me like frame 47 is the frame who better betrays him.
      But to me "frame-47" is showing the finish of the race not the early going.
      According to my account the "frame-47" horse is arriving 10th at that time, in which case, he must be DOUBLE BED.
      Do you agree or have another view?
      Can you please explain again to me your rationale for Abbots Trace?
      Thank you so much for your valuable assistance.

      From: Karen De Groote <iagenieme@...>
      To: egrojsiriorb@...
      Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 5:08 AM
      Subject: Re: [tbpedix] 1920 St Leger: please identify this sabino

      Hello Jorge,
      I was writing directly as I was going to disagree with you as to which horse you are seeking.  This is what I started writing:  "Using the stills of the video, the horse you want finished in the first flight of the race.  Clearly at least 5 horses were in the second flight to cross the finish line.  Although I can only count 8 in the first flight, there might be one hiding or there is one way behind the second flight of 5.  The picture at 47 seconds shows your horse.  It is well past the finish line and he was still driving so although he is 3rd at this point, I think he is Abbotts Trace, 6th at the wire. "  It was at that point that I noticed the silks on the horse I thought you were seeking were all light colored and this horse sported a brow band.  In going through the  rest of the race I can see Oliviero, with the proper dark shirt silks, being nudged out at the finish.  In the video however I would have never guessed Double Bed to be
      chestnut as dark as he is but he has two chestnut parents so he must be. 

      It is too bad they didn't video the entire post parade.  I wonder if there is a list of the post parade somewhere, part of me thinks there are errors in some of the data.  I believe there were 3 white faces in that race and would love to see a pic of Abbott's Trace.  I went back in his pedigree and there were lots of two white hind stockings if you ignore his parents and male line grandparent. 

      On another topic, yesterday I saw a photo of a young Hansen.  I have always thought he was too white for his age and lo and behold, I do believe he is extreme sabino with grey on top.  Here is the photo I found and thought of you. 

      Take good care and thanks for the mystery to solve...sorry I wasn't more astute but I did enjoy the task. 

      On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 1:38 AM, Jorge <egrojsiriorb@...> wrote:

      >Thanks Lizz for your valuable assistance.
      >Based on the following order of finish and the video itself,
      > I am under the impression that the mystery horse must be,
      >either OLIVIERO (who arrived 11th) or DOUBLE BED (who arrived 10th).
      >Their pedigrees are also proving ellusive.
      >Thanks for your assistance.

      >From: Lizz <oldfieldfarm@...>
      >To: tbpedix@yahoogroups.com
      >Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 7:30 PM
      >Subject: [tbpedix] 1920 St Leger: please identify this sabino

      >1920 St Leger Stakes order of finish
      >1. Caligula gr
      >2. Silvern b
      >3. Manton b
      >4. Braishfield b
      >5. Black Gauntlet bbr
      >6. Abbots Trace ch
      >7. The Alder b
      >8. Orpheus br
      >9. Stronghold b
      >10. Double Bed ch
      >11. Oliviero ch
      >12. Allenby b
      >13. Spion Kop b
      >14. Daylight Patrol ch

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