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Darcy's Yellow Turk

I was avoiding schoolwork this morning and running Constitutions pedigree (Family one! Interesting pedigree) when I ran across this at Bloodlines.net. "Given
Mar 30, 2014

Smart Strike mare for sale

Hi I have listed a very nice Smart Strike mare for sale, in foal. Major female family of Square Generation. Please e-mail me for catalog page and photo, price.
Greg Robertson
Dec 20, 2013

Re: Joe Cotton

Joe Cotton's services at stud were apparently available at least three years before the accident at Mystic Park. He is credited (ASB 6:1025) as sire of an 1886
Judy Baugh
Nov 24, 2013

Re: Joe Cotton

Has there been any follow up to this claim? I have searched high/low for information that should have entailed from the data contained in the 1892 Boston Globe
Nov 21, 2013

Re: Thoughts on this pedigree?

Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know that much about TB pedigrees yet, but am certainly enjoying learning! Along with any other info on this mare's
Nov 12, 2013

Thoughts on this pedigree?

www.pedigreequery.com/exclusive+mistress http://www.pedigreequery.com/exclusive+mistress Thanks.
Nov 12, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Thanks for your help, I checked Oregon papers and found that Wm, Bigham showed a 4 year-old stallion and 3 year-old Minnie at the Oregon State Fair in 1874.
Bruce Burton
Oct 31, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Bruce, here is one more post clarifying the earlier ones. 1. TIMELINE. William Bigham and a small group of Northwest turfmen took the Panama route to Kentucky
Oct 24, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Bruce, Dr. Lindsey was imported to Oregon by William Bigham in early 1869, along with several other blooded animals (including Norwich, earlier stolen during a
Oct 23, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Hi Bruce, Dr. Lindsey covered in Kentucky, 1867, then in Oregon from the breeding season of 1868 until his death in 1880. He had at least one other recorded
Judy Baugh
Oct 23, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

I dont believe Fred C was a Standardbred because his sire was Thoroughbred Where was Dr Lindsey at stud? BRUCE Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
Bruce Burton
Oct 23, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Regarding my earlier post: Dr. Lindsey was the full brother to "Maiden" and not "Marian." Apologies. ... Was Fred C registered? Is there more information
Oct 22, 2013

Re: Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Hello, Bruce, First of all, I cannot answer your question about the registration of Fred C. into a stud book for Standardbreds. However, here is some
Oct 22, 2013

Fred C by Dr Lindsey

Was Fred C registered? Is there more information about his dam? Dr. Lindsey was foaled in 1861 and Rifleman @ 1850 All I can find is that he was by Dr. Lindsey
Bruce Burton
Oct 17, 2013

Good Manners & Ahmad

I'm trying to find more information on the champion and stakes winning get of these stallions. An online search didn't find much, unless I plugged the wrong
Oct 6, 2013
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