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Fwd: MLK Day Ski Trip - Final Instructions and Info on Rental Registration

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  • Bill Sherman
    Forwarding some additional question/answers on the ski trip. Sent from my iPhone ... Forwarding some additional question/answers on the ski trip. Sent from my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2014
    Forwarding some additional question/answers on the ski trip.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    Subject: Re: MLK Day Ski Trip - Final Instructions and Info on Rental Registration
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    Hi everyone,

    A quick update, answering a few questions that have been asked:

    Please, if possible, bring CASH for your ski and helmet rentals and any ski lessons.  I'll collect it from you when we're there; with over 40 of us to coordinate, exact change would be highly appreciated.  If you can't bring cash, the troop will have to front you the money and go through reimbursement, and that'll get messy.  Also, don't forget that you are responsible for your own lunch on Monday, so have money for that as well.

    Scouts do NOT need their uniforms this weekend, even when traveling.  There's simply no easy opportunity to change out of them once you're at the mountain, so travel as though you were headed skiing.

    Feel free to email me with any further questions.  If it's an emergency, my cell number is 908-337-1974.  Else, we'll see you at PCNP at 1pm Sunday!


    On Monday, January 13, 2014 6:30 AM, "jimdemarco@..." <jimdemarco@...> wrote:
    Dear scouts and families going on the Troops 63 & 104 ski trip July 19/20,

    This note provides the final logistical details for our ski trip this coming weekend:

    Important times:
    ·         Sunday, January 19
    o   1pm: rally at Presbyterian Church of New Providence (PCNP), 1307 Springfield Ave.  Leave by 1:15.  NOTE: we are a little tight on available car space, so if you are planning to meet us at Shawnee rather than leave with the group from PCNP please let me know in advance so we can make sure we still have enough seat belts  
    o   2:30-2:45pm: arrive at Shawnee.  I have to process our paperwork as a group, then pass around everyone's rental vouchers and lift tickets.  We need to be together as a group for me to distribute the various forms.  If you're driving, that means you have to park in the lot at the bottom of the hill and meet us at the group sales office (on the parking lot side of the bridge).  Do NOT bring any overnight gear with you at that point; we'll drive it up to the Summit Lodge later.
    o   3pm:  After we're set up with tickets, etc., we cross the bridge and get our rentals.  Once rentals are handled, we'll need the adults to drive our cars up the mountain, but the boys can go skiing right away.  (Note to adults: drive your skis up to the Summit Lodge, you can ski down from the top).  We'll rally as a group at 6pm at the Summit Lodge, set up our spots in the dormitories and eat dinner around 7pm (dinner time TBC).  The last lift for night skiing is at 10pm.
    ·         Monday, January 20
    o   8am: we get the privilege of the first run of the day.  Every scout will need to check in with one of the leaders at the top of every even-numbered hour (10am, noon, 2pm) at the Summit Lodge.  Non-scouts: parents are responsible for their own kids
    o   4pm: planned departure from Shawnee.  Leave time in your schedule to return your rentals.
    o   5:30-6pm: estimated return to PCNP

    What you need to bring:
    ·         Ski clothing, hat, goggles, etc.
    ·         Overnight clothing, including change of underclothes
    ·         Sleeping bag, (pad is optional but note that the bunks are of the wire spring variety), pillow, etc.  The dorms are heated, but they can get a little drafty
    ·         Cash for lunch Monday, snacks, etc.  Coins for locker rentals.
    ·         Payment for any ski lessons or equipment rentals
    ·         If you are bringing your own ski equipment, please email me as soon as possible, Monday afternoon latest is preferred; I need to give a rough rental count to Shawnee and I'll assume everyone is renting unless told otherwise.
    ·         If you are renting, please use the instructions below (you'll also need the attached .pdf) to set up your pre-registration no later than Wednesday this week.  Pre-registration reduces the rental time quite a bit.  Our group number is 925.  You don't pay for your rentals online, despite what it looks like when pre-registering.  Pre-registration takes less than five minutes.
    ·         Rental fees are paid at the mountain. 
    o   Ski/snowboard rentals are $25 per person.  Helmets are $12.  Lessons are $22.
    o   If you are renting equipment, it’s easier on me if you bring cash.
    ·         All scouts must wear a helmet.  If you don’t have one, you need to rent one. 
    ·         Lessons:  If you want a lesson, you should accompany me into the group sales office so we can arrange for you to get the discounted rate.  
    A reminder about food:
    ·         Dinner Sunday and Breakfast Monday are included.  Dinner Sunday will be burgers, dogs, chicken nuggets and the like.  Breakfast Monday will be French Toast and bacon.  If anyone is a vegetarian, please let me know and we’ll see what we can arrange.
    ·         You need to bring/buy your own lunch Monday.
    Winter sports merit badge:
    ·         Mr. Lamanna will be on hand to work with anyone who intends to work on the merit badge.  Bring your blue card.  Mr. Lamanna’s email is Tom.lamanna@....  Please contact him in advance if you want to work on the badge.    
    Other important info:
    ·         The lodge has two dormitories.  Downstairs for scouts, upstairs for families.  We’ll have a few adult leaders in the scout dorm as well. 
    There are bathrooms in each dormitory, and we'll designate the upstairs one as girls-only.
    ·         We are lean on drivers.  At present, we have enough for Troop 63, but I can’t speak for 104.  We have one extra minivan coming home on Monday, however.
    ·         The weather is supposed to be fine for skiing, but the event goes on snow or shine.  J.

    Any other questions?  Please drop me an email at jimdemaro@..., or call me at 908-337-1974.
    Jim DeMarco 

    On Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:39 PM, DONETTE BEHRENS <grpsales@...> wrote:
    Open for Registration - Attached are specific instructions that your group member will need in order to register for their rental equipment. If done properly and on-time, your equipment will be pre-set and waiting for you upon arrival. 

    Just a Reminder - the enrollment site asks for birthdate not age.
    Completion Deadline - 00/0/14 (11:59 PM)
    This registration deadline exists so Shawnee Mountain has adequate time to set-up your group's rental equipment before arrival. 

    Please notify your members of this deadline when you pass along these instructions.  

    Q) How does the group leader see group member data? -
    A) See the instructions at the top of the right side column.
    Q) What if one of my renter's cancels; do I have to pay? -
    A)  No!

    Q) What happens if a renter does not register? - 
    A) We will issue a paper form to that renter upon check-in.

    Q) Can I edit data that is wrong? - 
    A) You cannot, but we can.  Contact Lori Smith (contact
         information on the right) and tell her your three-digit
         login number and give her specific correction data.
    Seeing Member Data
    1) Go to the club login page using:
    a) www.shawneemt.com
    b) click Groups
    c) then "Day Trips" 
    d) Click on the “Quick Rentals Register Here” button on the right side of the page.  Login using ...

    Club Name: 925ov14
    Password: 925leader       

    2) then at
    left, under club name, click “View Member Purchases”

    3) Click “+” symbol to expand rows and to see more detailed member information.
    4) to print a report, select Excel in the “select a format” window, click “Export” and wait for the spreadsheet to appear (you will need to use the "unhide" function to see more data if you did not expand cells in step #3).

    Tech Support/Questions?

    Kaitlin Fish 
    570-421-7231 x201          
    Edit Data/Corrections?
    Lori Smith-Rental Shop  
    570-421-7231 x214
    I-80, Exit 309, Hollow Road
    Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA 18356


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