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Information for new scouts/parents on camping equipment

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  • Mark Johns
    For our new scouts and parents I have recieved a number of questions about what my kid should bring to camp. On the website
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      For our new scouts and parents I have recieved a number of questions about what my kid should bring to camp. On the website http://home.comcast.net/~troop104sp/ there is a "Suggested List" for summer camp. And for weekend camping trips I have enclosed a list for suggested items that they should have. The first couple of trips please pack with them and after that please have the boys pack for themselves so they get used to making sure that they pack everything that they need and so they know where in the pack or bag they have items so that they can find them on their own. I still use a check list when I pack and as I put it in my bag I check it off.


      Most of our weekend trips are modified "car camping" that means that the boys might have to walk with their stuff from a parking lot to the campsite but in most cases it will be a short walk. That beign said if they have a backpack great but for weekend trips if they don't, a duffle bag will usually work just fine.


      Suggested stores are pretty much all your sporting goods stores (ie. Sports Authority, Modell's, Dicks, Effingers), Campmor www.campmor.com,  and  even Walmart or Target.



      Clothing (Modify based on seasonal tempuratures)

      3 T-shirts

      3-4 Underwear

      4 Socks

      1 Sweatshirt

      1 Sweatpants

      1 Jacket (Heavy or Light based on Tempurature)

      Hiking Boots

      Extra pair of Shoes

      Class "A" Uniform (Worn to and from camp)

      Class "B" Uniform (Red Troop T-shirt)

      Rain Gear (Either poncho or pants and jacket based on preference)



      Personal Cleanliness


      Toothbrush and Paste


      Hand Towel

      2-3 Large Lawn Trash bags (For garbage or rain protection for gear)


      Sleeping Gear

      Sleeping Bag (Personal preference on tipe and tempurature rating)

      Sleeping Pad (CLosed cell foam or air mattress)



      Outdoor Essentials


      Canteen (Any water tight bottle will work)

      Flashlight (With good batteries)

      Mess Kit with cup and utensils

      Boy Scout Hand Book


      Other Items

      Pocket Knife (If have passed Totenchip)

      Watch (So I don't have to keep hearing what time is it)

      Brush or comb

      Notebook & Pencil





      Some notes:

      Sleeping gear is all personal preference. I like closed cell pads (http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Product___41312 or http://www.walmart.com/ip/Stansport-Pack-Lite-Camping-Pad/9856753) because they are light, cheap and provide warmth and some padding. I like a 0 degree to 20 degree sleeping bag so I stay warm but can unzip the bag if I get too hot. Some people like self-inflating sleeping pads and different tempurature bags for each season.


      Mess kit and utensils again personal preference (http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Product___21222 or http://www.walmart.com/ip/Wenzel-Deluxe-Mess-Kit/15111413 )


      Nut jars and peanut butter jars (Thouroughly cleaned) work great to store smellables (anything with an odor).





      Any further questions please email T-104-Leaders@yahoogroups.com or give me a call at 908-380-6084.




      Mark Johns


      ps. If you want to buy a pack pack, do your research and ask questions as to size and capacity.

      Here are the packs that I have (mainly because I kept trying different types and sizes and usually I will take one and my son will take the other). You need a larger capacity bag for summer camp becasue they are bringing more stuff. However if it is too big or they pack too much then they can't carry it.


      For Summer camping

      http://www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Product___90404 (



      For Weekend camping





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