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Klondike Derby Permission Slip -- return it to tonight

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  • Bill Sherman
    Hi Everyone, We are fielding 3 Klondike sleds on Saturday; starting times will be announced later this week, but typically they are early in the morning (plan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2013

    Hi Everyone,


    We are fielding 3  Klondike  sleds on Saturday; starting times will be announced later this week, but typically they are early in the morning (plan to be there at 8:30 until we hear more specifics). We have to check in at least 45 minutes before sled start time.

    Meet at the playground in Watchung Reservation. 


    If your scout has signed up but does not hand in a signed permission form at tonight's meeting, he must bring one with him on Saturday.


    Each scout must bring:

    • an extra pair of wool or poly propylene socks in a zip lock bag with your name on it, no cotton socks
    • personal rain gear
    • a cup, the one from your mess kit is perfect, no disposable cups
    • personal water bottle (or two – stay hydrated!)
    • a small day pack or a full backpack to carry the above, in the event of too little snow
    • LAYERS for warmth and wind protection


    Each sled needs a compass, note book with blank paper, pen or pencil, Boy Scout handbook. Sled patrol leaders make sure this is covered.


    If there is too little snow to use the sleds… it could happen, everyone should have a small backpack to transport the gear from town to town. If we don't need them we will leave them in the cars.


    Lunch will be provided


    Dress for the weather.  Boots are a must.  No Sneakers.

    Hat, gloves, dress in layers for sure, hand and foot warmers maybe need depending on your personal needs.


    We should be done around 3 or so, everyone is welcome to stay for awards, usually around 3:30.


    All adults are invited to attend, those with youth protection training can volunteer to help out, let us know if you are interested.

    Adult Assistance:

    Troop 104 adults will run the weigh-in and weigh-out station, and we can always use adults to assist.  This year we will again host a Webelos Trek town at that spot, so there is a little more work and we'll need a few more people.  RSVP to T-104-Leaders@yahoogroups.com if you plan to come help.  It is near the center of activity so it is a great space to "camp out".

    Finally we will load the sleds into trucks on Friday.  It’ll probably happen at 7:00 PM Friday at the church, and we’ll need a couple of Scouts and adults to help.  RSVP to T-104-Leaders@yahoogroups.com if you can help.


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