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Troop 104 logistics for events for this weekend

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  • Bill Sherman
    We have two alternatives for events on Saturday, and here are the detailed logistics along with a list of anticipated registrants (note: a paper permission
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2012

    We have two alternatives for events on Saturday, and here are the detailed logistics along with a list of anticipated  registrants (note: a paper permission slip will be required upon arrival unless you have turned in one already)

    1) Watchung Reservation Orienteering Hike and Groundfire Cooking Lunch  --  10:00am — 3:00 pm (sharp)

    * although there is no payment and we did not require advanced signup, please bring a signed copy of

      the attached Watchung permission slip (insurance liability and all…you know).

    * Scouts should team up, provide their own food to cook for lunch, and bring it

    * Scouts should bring a bottle or two of drinking water, as there will be no water in the reservation

    * Scouting families provide their own transportation to and from the reservation — no going to the Church!

    * Location is the Cub Scout Day camp area, just West of Trailside.  See http://goo.gl/maps/GfM6q

        Basically, this is an alternative activity to our campout, focused on learning and demonstration of some required 

        advancement skills.  It also offers a chance for outdoor activity while not encroaching on the first night of Hanukkah.

        Planned Adults: Bumiller, Kaiser, Resnicoff (?), Johns, Cheney (?), Lynch (?)

        Planned Scouts: Bonnell, Cheney, Eviner, Farrell, Holloway (?), Joshua, Lynch, Resnicoff, Scacifero, Trifiro, Venick(J)

    2) Camping at Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation in the Pine Barrens, Saturday 9:00 until Sunday noon

    * Meet at All-Saints Church at 9:00am Saturday morning

    * We will rapidly pack the necessary gear into a couple of cars and head South asap

    * Bring your own food to cook over ground fires — we've gone over this at meetings

    * At least one scout hasn't turned in a permission slip — bring it Saturday morning — not optional!

       Another copy of the PDF is attached (but note that the incorrect dates are crossed out)

    * Bring your warmest gear.  Although the forecast is for milder weather than anticipated, it might rain, and

        it may be colder than they anticipate!

        Planned Adults:  Sherman, McIntyre, Fisher

        Planned Scouts:  Gentile, Brown, Fisher, Genty

    *** If you wish to sign up and you haven't, or vice versa, please send your change to t-104-leaders@yahoogroups.com.

         Just sending to one of us won't cut it — we have multiple adults handling multiple activities and we all need to stay

         "in the loop" on any planned changes.


    Bill Sherman

    Troop 104

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