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FW: [T-104] T104 Calendar of opportunities [2 Attachments]

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  • Cindy Spadaro
    this was the orginal email about the workshop on November 17th. Cindy From: cispadaro@msn.com To: aspadaro12@hotmail.com; nspadaro116@hotmail.com Subject: FW:
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      this was the orginal email about the workshop on November 17th.


      From: cispadaro@...
      To: aspadaro12@...; nspadaro116@...
      Subject: FW: [T-104] T104 Calendar of opportunities [2 Attachments]
      Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 11:42:59 -0400


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      Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 09:12:40 -0400
      Subject: [T-104] T104 Calendar of opportunities [2 Attachments]

      [Attachment(s) from Bill Sherman included below] There are several opportunities for our Scouts to get involved over the next few weeks  Here is what I know of at this moment:

      * Saturday 10/20
         Volunteer Boy Scouts are needed at the CUB Scout Camporee at Winnebago -- all day long (8:00am-9:00pm).
         Scouts can volunteer for any portion of this time -- the biggest logistical issue might be transportation to/from since
         our Troop is not doing anything organized for this activity -- it would be individual scouts volunteering.
         If interested, contact me at bgsherman@....

      * Sunday 10/21
         Councilman and Scout Dad Mike Szuch sent around the reminder that the Fanwood 5k is looking for volunteers
         to help with the execution of the Fanwood 5k run.  8a-11a but see the mail from the Szuch's on how to
         send an email in advance so that they know who will be helping

      * Monday 10/22
        TURN IN POPCORN ORDERS.  Remember, this is the larger of our two fundraisers for the year, and we will use
        the funds raised to repair and augment our troop gear (tents, cooking gear).  Do not forget that you can email
        to family and friends who can order online!

      * Monday 10/22
         Bring in a permission slip of you're planning to attend the Groundfire Cooking campout on 11/3-11/5.
         The permission slip is attached -- we are looking for a reliable RSVP sooner rather than later
         this time -- the Camporee had roster changes down to the wire and it causes a lot of leader replanning.

      * Sunday 10/28
         Lions Club Pancake Breakfast @ Scotch Hills Golf Club
         Scouts assist 8:00-10:15, 10:00-12:15 or both shifts.  The Lions make the pancakes and the Scouts
         are servers and busboys.  This is a major fundraiser for the Lions' Club and they are always a strong
         supporter of Scouting.  We generally ask each member to work at least one shift at this event.

      * Friday 11/3 - Sunday 11/5
        GroundFire Cooking Campout at Winnebago.
        Details below.  Please return this permission slip in person on Monday 10/22 or via email to t-104-leaders@yahoogroups.com

      * Saturday 11/17
        Council is holding a Merit Badge Workshop @ Brooklawn Middle School (Beachwood Road @ Rt. 202), Parsippany.
        This is an individual event opportunity -- you are responsible for signup, payment, and transportation -- though there
        are often carpooling options with other scouts -- send mail to the troop at t-104@yahoogroups.com to pair up.
        Registration is at  Details about this opportunity are in the attached flyer.

      Groundfire Cooking Campout Details:

      The scouts will break up into groups of 2-4 (typically multiple groups per patrol) and each group will prepare their own menu, shop, and cook.  The cooking will be performed over scout-made wood fires (not on propane stoves) so keep that in mind when choosing your menu.  Fires do not put out as much heat (or as steady a heat) as stoves.  We typically do some hiking on Saturday afternoon, so be prepared with your hiking boots, water bottle, compass and perhaps a day pack.  Patrols will focus on the skills required for this campout, as well as gear staging and maintenance over the next two meetings.

      Bill Sherman

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