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Fwd: This weekends Camporee!

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  • Bill Sherman
    Scout and Adults, A few reminders about this weekend s camporee: 1) We are convening at the Church at 4:30 on Friday. We plan to depart at 5:00. Please make
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2012
    Scout and Adults,

    A few reminders about this weekend's camporee:

    1) We are convening at the Church at 4:30 on Friday.  We plan to depart at 5:00.  Please make every effort to adjust your work schedule around this.  Remember, the adult volunteers in the troop do this every month, and many of us work a lot farther away...  ;-)   We are counting on every seat belt in every car, so we cannot really "recover easily" if people get held up (and we wait for every scout to be in a seat belt to depart)

    2) Bring warm gear (layers), rain gear, and consider a folding chair since we are in a field, not the woods -- so seating options are slim-to-none.

    3) Thanks to Bob Okell and Noel Downey for stepping up as adult "patrol leaders" and taking responsibility for adult food.

    4) As our quartermaster suggested in an earlier message, we are PACKING THE TRAILER Thursday night at 7.  We don't need everybody, but we could definitely use about half of the scouts.  Please coordinate with your patrol leaders and see if you can get half of the guys in each patrol there.  With a lot of hands, it will be done in 45 minutes.

    5) Attached is the latest email with the final Camporee Guide (sorry that it is the 4th time) -- the schedule has been updated.

    6) If you haven't been camping with us before, check out the suggested gear at http://home.comcast.net/~troop104sp/site/?/page/Camping/

    Bill Sherman
    Troop 104

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    From: Rick Jurgens <rick.jurgens@...>
    Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 1:26 PM
    Subject: This weekends Camporee!
    Cc: grant.vaneck@..., Arthur Lobdell <Art.Lobdell@...>

    Hey all Camporee Units!  We are going to have an awesome Camporee.  We have
    24 Units signed up with over 470 people!  Which unit will GO for the

    Anyways a few housekeeping issues:

    1.  Please see the attached updated Camporee guide (final schedule).
                    Reminder:  New program Friday evening:   SPL/Staff HUNT!

    2.  Please do not arrive earlier than 5:00pm as we are finishing setup/
    please be complete with tear down 10:30am Sunday.

    3.  Bring GPS units for the GPS Geocache course

    4.  Scouts should bring patches to trade -- we will have starter kits if any
    Scouts need for a startup.  This will be trading Scout to Scout.

    5.  Don't forget that all the patrol competition points are rolling together
    to form an overall winner of the OLYMPICS overall.

    6.  Please no cars on the Camporee field!  This is a safety issue and I WILL
    YELL! :).  Trailers will be diagonally parked along the edge of the parking

    7.  When you arrive, please have the Scoutmaster/SPL come to HQ for checking
    and show you your site.  Please have your paperwork ready.

    8.  All additions must be paid on Friday evening.

    9.  IS your unit/patrols prepared for all the competitions (duct tape/best
    tasting desert............)


    We have been working hard on planning -- now is the time to have fun!   The
    last catapult Camporee was awesome ( remember no preassembled catapults and
    this is a Scout led activities.. don't get point deductions for adult

    If you have problems on Friday, please contact me:  908-285-8730 on my cell.

    Thanks and see everyone this weekend!  GOLD GOLD GOLD!

    Rick Jurgens
    Camporee Chair

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