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SCOUTING SEASON BEGINS NOW -- Meeting Tomorrow & Registration Paperwork

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  • Bill Sherman
    Troop 104 Scouts & Parents, Tomorrow evening (7:30) we ll have our first meeting of the new school year. Please remember to bring your registration fee (only
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2010
      SCOUTING SEASON BEGINS NOW -- Meeting Tomorrow & Registration Paperwork

      Troop 104 Scouts & Parents,

      Tomorrow evening (7:30) we'll have our first meeting of the new school year.

      Please remember to bring your registration fee (only $35! – read on to see why) and fill out the attached 2-sheet form to bring to the meeting.   Although parents are always welcome at weekly meetings (and especially at Court-of-Honors), it has been our tradition to ask parents to consider coming to the first meeting.  This is a great chance to catch up and socialize while the boys are meeting – we have no fixed agenda but will have impromptu discussions about this years’ scouting program for those that attend.

      Some important information follows:

      1)      RSVPs are Mandatory when we ask for them

          This Troop operates via an electronic notification system.  When we have an event, you’ll receive email (and for those who use it, a Facebook invite too) asking you for an RSVP.  We’ve used this for 6 years, and saved numerous trees in the process.  Over the last year, RSVP response rate has become unacceptable.  As leaders, we don’t like to exclude a scout from an event just because they show up at the last minute and want to participate.  However, this puts an unfair burden on the Troop and its leadership.  Sometimes we have to pay for space speculatively because we know that there will be last minute deciders.  If we have a problem this year, we will need to institute a policy where “no RSVP by the deadline means you are committed to attend and pay”.  We’d rather not take it to this extreme, but there is no excuse for RSVP rate to be anything less than 100%.  We know that you will understand.

      2)      Website & Facebook

          Mr. Johns continues to keep our website updated, and we wish people would check it regularly.  Please bookmark the URL:  http://home.comcast.net/~troop104sp
          It has the topic for the next meeting posted on its cover page, when we have one.  Recall that we meet any Monday that school is in session – but if you forget, the web page always says if there is a meeting.

          There is also a Facebook Page that can be used for communications – if you are in Facebook, you should be able to reach it at http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=115980395079574&ref=ts or by looking for Group “Troop 104”.

      3)      Forms

      4)      Shorter registration (just this once)

          OK, you read this far, so now I’ll tell you why the registration fee is only $35 this one time.  We’ve decided that Septembers are crazy, and that March is the best time to do our annual paperwork.  This aligns better with Webelos recruitment, Troop rechartering, new insurance information (usually changes right after New Years) and particularly getting up-to-date medical forms completed in time for Summer Camp (last year some of you pushed it until nearly the day of departure).  So this one time all you have to do in September is:

      o       Fill out the 2 pager registration form attached

      o       Bring a check or cash for 6 months’ registration -- $35 ($25 for an additional scout)

      o       If your scout went to summer camp, a new copy of the Annual Health and  Medical Record form is only required now if there are any health changes since camp.  If he did not attend, fill out an  Annual Health and  Medical Record form (doctor signature not required).  Remember that it is an “editable PDF” format, so you can type into the form fields and save the completed form.  Maybe you already did that last year.  Just make any changes, print it out, and you’re done.  This is easier than ever before.

      See you all tomorrow night, where we’ll probably be doing scout elections.  

      Bill Sherman

      Troop 104 <<...>>

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