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May Camping and canoe trip to the Pine Barrens

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  • Bill Sherman
    Our next Troop 104 Camping Trip will happen the weekend of 5/11,12,13 and we will be camping in the Pine Barrens (Wharton State Forest). For a Saturday
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2012

    Our next Troop 104 Camping Trip will happen the weekend of 5/11,12,13 and we will be camping in the Pine Barrens ( Wharton State Forest ).  For a Saturday activity, we will rent canoes from Mick’s, a local Outfitter, and be driven 20 miles upstream to canoe back to camp.  It is a lot of fun, not too strenuous, and pretty popular.


    To participate, Scouts must have either: 
      A) a swimming Merit badge,
      B) passed a swim test at summer camp last year,
      C) passed a swim test with Mr. Bumiller at the Scotch Plains YMCA (see below)


    Mr. Bumiller, who happens to be a Swimming Merit Badge Counselor, will arrange a time when new Scouts who don’t meet qualification A or B can come and take a swimming test with him at the Y.  Hopefully, he will have and be able to announce a time for this test at Monday’s meeting.   Keep in mind that this test does not qualify you for anything other than participation at the canoe trip.  Also note that we will follow Scouting’s rules for water safety, which include full-time use of personal flotation devices, which will be provided.  You may bring your own if you have one that you prefer (that is in good condition).


    At this point, we are planning to cook on stoves, patrol-style.  There might be an opportunity for a few scouts to cook their dinners in 2-man groundfire teams, but we are not going to consider that possibility until the last minute because forest fire conditions and regulations from the NJ DEP will play a part in the decision – so we are collecting $10 per scout for meals which will be purchased by 2 scouts per patrol.  NOTE: As we have done in the past, we will NOT be shopping for Saturday lunch – scouts should bring a “bag lunch” that they will eat on the river (we beach the canoes and have a sort of picnic).


    You may turn in your fees and forms at tomorrow night’s Scout meeting.  If you do not, then you may turn them in on Monday, May 7th – AS LONG AS YOU RSVP YOUR INTENTIONS IN ADVANCE to our trip coordinator (Ed Thal, ethal@comcast,com).  We expect everyone in the troop to send an email to Ed if they do not turn in a form tomorrow night – we don’t like guessing at counts, or being in the dark until the last minute.  Thanks for your cooperation.


    Also, there is a RELEASE FORM from the outfitter that we charter to provide the canoes and take us upstream.  It is attached, and must be signed by a parent to attend.


    Other reminders:

    • A few of you haven’t brought back your dried out tents from last trip – bring them tomorrow!
    • Thursday 5/3, 7:15 on the Village Green – National Day of Prayer.
      Troop 104 is providing the Color Guard for this – Kyle Burton and Doug McIntyre have volunteered.  We need at least 2 more volunteers.  Send email to t-104-leaders@yahoogroups.com if you would like to volunteer.
    • Saturday, 5/12 there is Den Chief training in Berkeley Heights .  If you are not going on the campout and you are interested in becoming a Den Chief, see a Scout Leader for information about this opportunity.


    Bill Sherman

    Troop 104



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