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Annual registration and dues time

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  • Bill Sherman
    Once a year, we reregister all of our scouts and collect our dues. Next year, the Council is changing all units over to a calendar-year registration, so for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2012

    Once a year, we reregister all of our scouts and collect our dues.  Next year, the Council is changing all units over to a calendar-year registration, so for this one time, our registration will only be for 10 months -- March 2012 through December 2012 (and it will be on a calendar year thereafter). Our registration fee for 12 months has been running at $65 per scout for several years; because it is only for 10 months this time, we have set the fee at $55. If there is more than one scout in the family, the fee is $45 per scout. You also need to fill out the 2 sheet registration form in the attachment, and possibly the annual health forms.


    Registration Form(s)

    We assembled this streamlined 2-pager to keep our records complete and current.  In it, we collect general participation permission, Scout and parent emergency contact information, and driver information (including your level of auto insurance coverage).  You might wonder why we collect the insurance information if you are just joining.  It’s simply so that we do not have to gather it during the year whenever we schedule an event.  Our BSA guidelines require us to file it on tour permits with council, and most of you will drive scouts to or from some event(s) during the year.  For insurance purposes, the council required that we maintain a listing of insurance coverage for all vehicles that the boys might travel in to and from events. Note that it is provided in both DOC and PDF format for your use.


    Health Forms

    All participants are required to fill out the 3-part Annual Health and Medical Form, every year.  If your Scout attended Sabattis last summer, he submitted this form and we have it already (it is good through June); otherwise you must fill out one now, (though you can forgo the physician examination and signature for now: you must fill out and initial the “restrictions” section yourself). You do not need to fill out the 4th part (Part D) unless you happen to be planning to attend a Trek at Philmont or Seabase over the next year.


    All Scouts and Adults need a physical and to have a copy of their annual health form signed by a physician before attending summer camp at Sabattis, so schedule a physical now!   




    ___________                 Registration Form (2 pager including driving information)


    ___________                 Registration Fee


    ___________                 Medical Form


    We will collect these materials at the short packing meeting tonight, and then again next week 2/27 at the Eagle Court of Honor.



    Bill Sherman

    Troop 104


    P.S.  I’m copying parents of known inbound scouts although many of you have already signed up for our Yahoogroup mailing list.  All primary communication happens through that mailing list, and so all families need to be on it.  To subscribe, send an email to T-104-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  Then confirm the email that comes back – you are not on it until you confirm.


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