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Sabattis last-minute reminders

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  • Bill Sherman
    Campers, Sabattis is upon us! I know you re all excited and will have a great week. Just a few reminders: 1) Be at the pickup spot (behind Sears) by
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    Sabattis is upon us!  I know you’re all excited and will have a great week.


    Just a few reminders:


    1)       Be at the pickup spot (behind Sears) by 6:45am Saturday.  Bus leaves promptly at 7:30 and we need time to pack the personal gear.

    2)       Wear your class A uniforms (brown shirts and kerchiefs) for the ride up.

    3)       Bring money for the lunch stop @ McDonalds on the way up, and dinner stop on the way back (Roy Rogers) – we can hold it for you during the week if it’s in an envelope.

    4)       You are welcome to bring snacks to eat on the bus, but anything not eaten by your arrival gets discarded – no food or drinks may be taken in to the campsite.

    5)       Leave your phones at home – no reason to risk losing them since there is no cell signal up there. Parents will get an email that we arrived, a checkpoint email mid-week, and an email next Saturday night when we have a return time approximation (guess at 8:30pm).  There is an emergency phone at Sabattis (518) 624-3676 but it is only for emergencies – A runner will need to be dispatched to run for a couple of miles to find your son.  We’ve never needed to use this and I would hope that this year will be no different.

    6)       If you intend to mail your scout a letter, you’d better do it tomorrow because the mail can be very slow up there and anything mailed after we leave might not arrive in time.  The address again is:

    Scout Name - Troop 104 / Mohican

    Sabattis Adventure Camp

    Patriots' Path Council

    1745 Sabattis Road

    Long Lake, NY 12847


    Since you’re all packed in advance, please get a couple of good nights’ sleep and be ready for High Adventure!



    Bill Sherman

    908-432-3536  (but Mr. Kaiser and I will be driving up the Troop gear tomorrow and meet you there)


    Troop website and event calendar:  http://home.comcast.net/~troop104sp/site/?/home/

    Troop Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=115980395079574&ref=ts



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