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Troop 104 - SAC Congrats and Gear Check-in, another Trek Option fort

Congratulations again to all of the scouts who attended resident camp at Sabattis last week. not only did they have a great time, learn a lot, and rack up
Bill Sherman
7:20 AM

Unpacking from Sabattis

Hello everyone! I'm sure you've all heard about our great week at Sabattis this year. Everyone had fun and a great time! Just a friendly reminder that due to a
Jul 22

ETA at Sears is now 915

Breaking news update: ETA at Sears is now 9:15
Sarah Siegel
Jul 22

Re: Revised ETA is 9:30pm

The bus is on track to arrive at Sears at 9:30, or possibly a little before (depending on the length of the dinner stop at Roy Rogers). After your giant ³I
Sarah Siegel
Jul 22

Revised ETA is 9:30pm

The good news is that you will have a few more hours of peace and quiet. The bad news is that, due to a significant delay in the bus arrival, the revised
Sarah Siegel
Jul 22

"Guesstimated" arrival time

There is not yet a firm arrival time at Sears tomorrow, but Mr. Sherman's best guess right now is that they will arrive between 8-8:30 pm. We hope to fine tune
Sarah Siegel
Jul 21

Update from Sabbatis

Update from Sabbatis: Scoutmaster Bill Sherman reported tonight that it has been a wonderful few
Sarah Siegel
Jul 20

Update from Sabbatis

A Sabbatis update from Mr. Sherman: After a beautiful and fairly relaxing set-up day on Sunday, Monday turned out to yield monsoons for much of the first day
Sarah Siegel
Jul 18

Message from Mr. Sherman

spoke to Scoutmaster Bill Sherman earlier this evening (yes he hiked a fair distance uphill to get a cell signal so that he could call). He reported that
Sarah Siegel
Jul 16

Fw: Import Camp Winnebago Information 2016

Hello Troop 104 Winnebago Summer Campers! Attached is last year’s email, I haven’t yet had the time to update for 2017 and I’m headed for places without
Dave Wernsing
Jul 15


We will all meet at the Sears parking lot (Terrill Road) by 7:30am Saturday (note later time than last year) to get ready for our trip to Sabattis. Class A
Jul 12
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Re: Sabattis Meeting 7/10

Guys, My preference would be for all Sabattis campers to bring their complete pack tomorrow. Not only will you each be able to demonstrate your pack for newer
Bill Sherman
Jul 9

Re: Sabattis Meeting 7/10

Just to clarify, Only new scouts should bring their packs or everyone should bring their packs? Thanks, Matt London On Sun, Jul 9, 2017, 6:56 PM
Matt London
Jul 9

Sabattis Meeting 7/10

Hello All, Hope you're having a great summer so far! As I am sure most of you are aware, our week of camp at Sabattis is right around the corner, so we will be
Jul 9

Sabattis Prep

I look forward to seeing all of the SAC Scouts tomorrow night, so we can finalize Sabattis plans and check out your packs for Sabattis. Also, we will need
Bill Sherman
Jul 9
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