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868Operation Scout Boxes

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  • markemaypo75
    Nov 26, 2013
      At last nights meeting I talked about two former troop 104 scouts, both Eagle Scouts, who are currently serving our country in the military over seas in Korea and Afganistan and that it would be nice if the troop could send them care packages to share with there units.

      Please look at the list below of some items that they are in need of and if you are able to donate anything to send to them we will be collecting donations on the next three Monday meetings so we can send it out before the holidays.

      All items collected will be divided between the two of them and mailed directly to them.

      It would be nice to include some notes and cards thanking them for what they are doing and letting them know they are in our thoughts.

      Thank you,

      Mark Johns


      Ÿ Candy (heat resistant)

      Ÿ Fruit Breezes (throat drops)

      Ÿ Twizzlers

      Ÿ Writing Paper and Envelopes

      Ÿ Pens/Pencils

      Ÿ Toothbrushes

      Ÿ Toothpaste

      Ÿ Floss

      Ÿ Mouthwash

      Ÿ Coffee (instant)

      Ÿ Coffee Creamer

      Ÿ Gatorade

      Ÿ Powdered Drink Mixes

      Ÿ Tea Mixes (sweet)

      Ÿ KoolAid bursts- to freeze

      Ÿ Oatmeal (instant)

      Ÿ Ramen Noodles-any flavor

      Ÿ Bars (Clif or Balance)

      Ÿ Beef Jerky

      Ÿ Granola Bars

      Ÿ Pop-Tarts

      Ÿ Canned Fruit (pop top cans)

      Ÿ Cereal (in small boxes)

      Ÿ Gum

      Ÿ Sugar packets

      Ÿ Ravioli (pop top cans)

      Ÿ Tuna Kits

      Ÿ Playing Cards

      Ÿ Board Games

      Ÿ Checkers (travel size)

      Ÿ Chess (travel size)

      Ÿ Crossword

      Ÿ CDs

      Ÿ Tapes

      Ÿ DVDs new and used

      Ÿ Hand held electronic games

      Ÿ Sodoku books

      Ÿ Books (novels, short stories)

      Ÿ Newspapers (local)

      Ÿ Magazines

      Ÿ Travel size body wash

      Ÿ Nose spray

      Ÿ Eye Drops

      Ÿ Deodorant

      Ÿ Foot Powder

      Ÿ Hairbrushes

      Ÿ Hand Lotion

      Ÿ Hand Sanitizers (waterless)

      Ÿ Nail Clippers

      Ÿ Q-Tips

      Ÿ Razors (disposable)

      Ÿ Shampoo

      Ÿ Sunscreen

      Ÿ Tissues (heavy duty – i.e. Puffs)

      Ÿ Tylenol (individual packets)

      Ÿ Plastic spoons

      Ÿ Baggies (with zip lock)

      Ÿ Batteries (AA, D, ….)

      Ÿ Bug Spray (must be packaged in zip-lock bag)

      Ÿ Duct Tape

      Ÿ Disposable Cameras

      Ÿ Flashlights (mini/mag lite, extra bulbs, lots of batteries)

      Ÿ Fans (battery powered – small – with extra batteries)

      Ÿ Fly Strips

      Ÿ Fly Swatters

      Ÿ Shoe Insole Cushion

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