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600Re: Troop 104 Upcoming Events: Special Meeting Tonight, Easter Egg Hunt, Valley Forge Campout in 2 weeks

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  • Bill Sherman
    Mar 25, 2013
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      The first RSVP correctly pointed out that our annual calendar has a typo on it -- and that the weekend for Valley Forge begins on April 5, not April 4.

      So to be clear, the Valley Forge Campout start on Friday April 5, and returns Sunday April 7.

      Thanks Tom for that good catch!

      Mr. Sherman
      Troop 104

      --- In T-104@yahoogroups.com, Bill Sherman <bgsherman@...> wrote:
      > Troop 104 Families,
      > I trust that everyone had a great time on the cabin camping trip we just
      > returned from. Among other things, we worked on Totin' and Firem'n skills
      > with some of the new crossovers, completed some 2nd Class skills (nature
      > hike), and had a geology lesson after we found some pink puddingstone (only
      > found in Rockaway NJ -- no where else in the entire world!)
      > Here are some very important upcoming events that you should know about --
      > especially the details about Valley Forge!
      > 1) Special Troop Meeting tonight -- Our guideline is that we hold a troop
      > meeting whenever SPF schools are in session, and we only add in "special"
      > meetings on those rare occasions when we have upcoming events which warrant
      > it. Tonight is one of those occasions. We've just returned from a campout
      > at Winnebago this weekend, but we are going back out in just 2 weeks --
      > April 4/5/6 -- to Valley Forge. We'll be having a meeting tonight with
      > extra focus on getting ready for this trip. Come if you can, but don't
      > worry if you had prior plans. We are aware that some folks have Spring
      > vacations, Seders, etc -- but it was decided that the additional campout
      > prep time would be worth it, even without full attendance.
      > 2) Valley Forge Campout Permission slips -- will be sent out today. Please
      > send a form back to the meeting tonight, or RSVP via email ASAP so we can
      > get preliminary counts. We need to know if your son is likely to go, and
      > also if a parent is interested in going (and driving). Early lock-down of
      > the number of attendees will be key to solid plans for drivers, food, etc.
      > We'd like a pretty immediate response on what your son is *likely* to do
      > -- even if you are not 100% certain. Final answers and forms/payment due
      > no later than next Monday 4/1 (no kidding). This is going to be a
      > "Historic Hike" themed campout, so participants should come with worn-in
      > hiking boots. In addition to seeing a lot of historic information, scouts
      > will have the opportunity to complete numerous hiking-related rank and/or
      > merit badge requirements.
      > 3) Easter-Egg Hunt Saturday. See the email from Gail Rhein (
      > grrhein@...) -- Scouts and one adult needed for some community
      > service on Saturday, 3/30, to assist with the SP Easter Egg hunt on the
      > Villiage Green from 9:30-12. Email Ms. Rhein if you can help out.
      > Lastly, If you know of a family who recently joined and has not yet become
      > part of our Yahoogroup mail distribution system, please forward this to
      > them, and encourage them to subscribe via t-104-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      > Last but not least, remember that our new website is t104.us
      > Mr. Sherman
      > Troop 104
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