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1142Re: Important: Last minute Camp Winnebago email #2

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    Jul 26, 2014
      Just to be absolutely clear, we're meeting at 1pm in the Camp Winnebago parking lot at the T104 trailer (not at All Saints Church).  The trailer is already there.

      It takes about 45 from the church to get to Winnebago Scout Reservation.

      Directions are on our T104 website in the "Maps and Directions" section.

      - Mr McIntyre

      On Jul 25, 2014, at 11:55 PM, DAVID W MCINTYRE <david@...> wrote:

      Here is some more important information:

      1) More about Medicines.  Please remember:

      * Every single medicine, OTC or prescription, must be in a single gallon-size Ziplock bag marked with your scout's name.
      * All medicines (both OTC and prescription) must be in their original container.  Prescription medicines must be in the prescription bottle, with doctor name, etc.  Do not just send a few pills.
      * If you are sending an Epipen (or other similar device) you must actually send two.  This is a Camp Winnebago rule.  One stays with your scout, one stays in the First Aid lodge.   Both would be in your gallon bag until med checks, and then the first aid officer would give one to your scout.

      2) Bug Spray.  NO Aerosol bug spray or sun protection, etc.

      3) Merit Badge Prerequisites.  There is still time to check your prospective merit badges and check the prereqs.  Of course you can also do those after camp when you get your partial blue card back, but then you have to get a MB counselor, etc.  Getting prereqs done before camp is easier.

      4) Patrols.  Although our goal is to always keep scouts in their "natural" patrols for most events, it doesn't make sense at WSR.  We aren't cooking as patrols, and most patrols have 1, 2 or 3 scouts.  Our structure will be:

      SPL: Dan Holloway

      Patrol: Wolf/Owl/TigerShark
      Patrol Leader: Alex Joshua
      Scouts: Jack, Brendan, Derek, Nolan, Sean, Hunter, Will, Dev

      Patrol: FlamingDragons/KillerKoalas/FlyingSquirrels
      Patrol Leader: Doug
      Scouts: Chris, Daniel, James, Nico, DJ, Robbie, JJ, Ian, Rohan

      We'll manage the troop through this structure, and use it as necessary for camp games, etc.  However, there isn't a ton of patrol-specific activity, so don't let this worry you much.

      5) Photo Money.  Winnebago takes very nice troop photos each year, and we get 8x10 prints at the end of camp.  They are $8 each.  I am going to assume that everyone will want one.  I'll plan on just one for families, so I'm going to plan to order and pay for 18.  If you DO NOT want a photo, let me know and I'll reduce the order.  Otherwise get me $8 sometime to cover the expense.

      I will see you all at 1pm on Sunday in the parking lot near our trailer.

      Mr. McIntyre

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