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1121Sabattis -- ARE YOU READY???

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  • Bill Sherman
    Jul 11, 2014

    We will all meet at the Sears parking lot (Terrill Road) at 6:30am-6:45am tomorrow to get ready for our trip to Sabattis.  Bus space is going to be very tight -- pack light!  

    * MERIT BADGES: Some years the camp wants a "best guess" advance notice of which merit badges you will be taking.  They didn't want it this year but scouts should still make a plan today. Remember that there are basically 3 one-hour merit badge periods (9, 10, 11).  
    The are 3 merit badge periods each day, so scouts should all plan to pursue 3 merit badges (unless they take Environmental Science or Rifle Shooting which are double period, or astronomy which is in the evening and doesn't conflict with any others). Make sure that you look at the schedule from the leaders' guide http://www.camps.ppbsa.org/files/Sabattis%20Summer%20Leaders%20Guide.pdf so that you know which period you want to pursue each badge. I am attaching my new "improved" MB schedule -- this is my transcription of the proposed schedule from the leaders' guide, ordered by HOUR (not responsible for typos or late changes!).  All scouts should have one badge each from the blue, red, and green columns unless they have a double-class.  It would be a good idea to print out this spreadsheet and have the scouts fill it out either now or on the bus. Final decision changes can be made up until Sunday when I hand out blue cards for the badges you've decided to pursue.

    First year campers are encouraged to take the "trailblazer" program -- which includes scout skills, camp familiarization, as well as First Aid and Swimming. Often, the trailblazers get an additional badge such as leatherwork but it depends on how much time is spent on fundamental scout skills -- which varies from scout to scout.

    * MERIT BADGE PREREQUISITES: many of the badges have prerequisites, as we have discussed at meetings. If your scout hopes to complete the badge at camp, he should arrive at the bus with his prerequisites completed and in a folder or binder. Typically, they are prerequisites because they cannot be easily accomplished at camp. If they do not do the prerequisites before camp, they will likely only be able to get a "partial completion" of the badge, meaning that they will have to finish it in the future.

    ***Special note for those in the trailblazer program (first year scouts) you will be working on First Aid merit badge, which requires you to bring a first aid kit with you, and Swimming merit badge, which requires you to bring shoes, sock, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt that you will wear as you jump into the lake and then use as float.

    Check out http://www.scouting.org/meritbadges.aspx for all requirements.

    * SNACKS: Scouts who have been to Sabattis before know that they are allowed to bring snacks for the bus ride up. If they choose to do so, they should know that all snacks not consumed on the bus are discarded upon arrival -- we do not take food into camp area except during meal preparation. Please do not send more than they can eat or share on the bus ride up, and everyone with many snacks for the bus should bring a black plastic garbage bag for cleanup.

    * MONEY: Money is needed for meals in transit, and is useful (or required) for in-camp too.  How much spending money they should take to spend in camp is between you and the scout, but keep these details in mind:

    a) They need to buy 2 meals in transit (McDonalds on the way up, and usually Roy Rogers or pizza on the way back). 
    b) There is a Trading Post at camp with some supplies, T-shirts, hats and Snacks. Slushies or cold drinks on a hot day can be refreshing, and many scouts will want to buy a sweat shirt or "tek" shirt at the trading post too.  They can easily burn through $30-$50 or more if they have it. 
    c) (Shooting Programs) If taking shotgun merit badges or going to open shooting they must buy the ammo at $25 for the ammo for the merit badge and $.50 per shell for open shooting.
    If taking rifle merit badge there is no fee for the ammo for the class, but during open shooting there is a $.25 for 5x22 cal bullets.
    All shooting sports are open to scouts age 12 and up.

    If you would like one of the adult leaders to hold on to their money and dole it out evenly throughout the week, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with their name. 

      -- One envelope with scouts name and "lunch" written on it (for the ride up)

      -- One envelope with scouts name and "dinner" written on it (for the ride home)

      -- One envelope with scouts name and Spending on it (for use in camp)

    Do Not write amount on envelope but do talk to your scout about how much they can spend. We will hand them their envelope at the meal stops and hand out what they ask for while in camp, until it is gone.

    See prior mail from Ms. Rhein if you still have questions.

    * MAIL: If you desire to send your scouts mail or post cards, better do it today because mail can take up to a week to get out there! Some scouts receive several letters while at camp... But there is no phone communication except for emergencies.

    Name, Troop 104, Mohican Campsite 
    Sabattis Adventure Camp 
    1745 Sabattis Rd 
    Long Lake, NY 12847 

    * PACKING:  Hopefully, everyone had their packing done last weekend.  Just a few re-reminders:

    1) Rain gear and garbage bags.  It WILL rain.  Plan for it.

    2) Water bottles.  It will also be hot, and scouts will want to carry these around all week.

    3) Extra batteries if you tend to use them 

    4) Medications (the ones on your health form) in a Zip-Lock baggie, and in their original containers (with prescription info attached).  Don't worry that they are SMELLABLES; they will be collected by the Health Officer and kept in the Health Lodge.

    5) Many scouts find it helpful to bring their Scout Book and merit badge books, along with a small notebook and pencil(s). If you are under the First Class rank, it would not be a bad idea to bring a copy of your Firem'n Chit and Totin' Chip.

    See you bright and early in the morning!

    Mr. Sherman