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1063Summer camp paperwork status

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    May 27, 2014
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      Here is the status of our current summer camp paperwork and payments.  If you aren't listed here, we don't think you are going to camp...yet.

      Remember, next Monday 6/2 is the last date for submitting camp applications.  Also, the deadline for receiving medical forms is getting close...6/16 is very soon!  Scouts who have not submitted their medical forms (signed by a doctor) to me by 6/16 won't be able to come to camp....


      Cheney: medical
      Dionisio: OK
      DowneyC: OK
      Fisher: OK
      Holloway: medical, Scout needs to sign 3 strikes form
      JoshuaA: OK
      JoshuaI: OK
      Leitner: OK
      McIntyre: medical
      O'Connor: medical
      Patel: medical
      Porter: medical
      Resnicoff: medical
      Scacifero: medical
      ThalJ: OK
      ThalS: OK
      Wernsing: medical


      Bonnell: medical
      Burton: OK
      Cheney: medical
      DowneyC: OK
      DowneyT: OK
      EvinerA: OK
      EvinerK: OK
      Fisher: OK
      Gordon: medical, all three Sabattis forms, we owe you money
      Holloway: medical
      JoshuaA: OK
      KaiserS: OK
      Kern: medical, all three Sabattis forms, money
      Leitner: OK
      McIntyre: medical, money
      Mitchell: medical
      Porter: medical, we owe you money
      Resnicoff: medical
      Rhein: medical, money
      Roden: medical
      Scacifero: medical, we owe you money
      Spadaro: medical, all three Sabattis forms, we owe you money
      Szuch: Sabattis permission form, Sabattis consent form, money
      VenickJ: medical
      VenickS: medical

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