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102May 7 Fanwood Recycling Center

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  • grrhein@comcast.net
    May 1, 2011

      Hi Everyone,


      Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Gail Rhein, Steven Rhein's Mom and I'm going to help with the organizing of Saturday's (May 7) Fanwood Recycling volunteers.  The Troop is going to need as many scouts and adult volunteers as possible to help out for the two shifts needed for this fundraiser.  Remember, Scouts will earn toward their 10% account for the time that they put in for this event.


      The shifts are from 9A - 11A and 11A - 1P, anyone can volunteer for either or both shifts, but I will need to know as soon as possible what time(s) you'll be volunteering for in order to make sure we have enough bodies for both shifts.  This is a rain or shine ( or anything in between ) event, so dress according to the weather, wear clothes that can get dirty and work type gloves and shoes or boots that are made for outdoor use.


      Please arrive around 15 minutes before the shift so that instructions can be given to those who have not participated at the Fanwood Recycling Center.


      Call me or Email me with when you will be volunteering and also with questions you might have. 


       I just want to let everyone know who doesn't know me yet that I've been participating at the recycling center for approx. 8 years with the C.H.I.L.D  organization who uses this opportunity to raise money and awareness of what recycling is all about.



      Gail Rhein