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1016Missing Documents - need these tonight - PLEASE READ IMPORTANT

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  • David McIntyre
    Mar 31, 2014
      We are still missing key registration documents for many of our new scouts.  Without these documents your scout may not be registered in the troop, and won't be able to join us on camping trips, etc.  Without medical forms, they really shouldn't even be doing any scouting activities (like attending meetings)!

      Please check your name below and see what you are missing.  I will include links to all the documents below the list and (yet another) explanation.  Please bring the missing documents tonight.  If your son cannot make tonight's meeting (e.g., sick, other event, etc), please bring these documents yourself to the meeting tonight, or send them with another parent who is attending tonight.

      If you think you have given me any of the documents listed below, please send me a detailed email, or talk to me this evening.

      Agnello: T104 form, $17, BSA application, Medical form.
      Agueros: T104 form, medical form.
      Berkman: Medical form.
      Bordman: T104 form, BSA application, medical form.
      Cammarano: T104 form, medical form.
      Checchio: medical form
      Cunningham: $75, medical form.
      Dionisio: medical form
      Ferrone: medical form
      Hale: medical form
      Joshua, Ian: medical form
      Kern: $17
      Lage: T104 form, medical form
      London: T104 form, medical form
      Nobile: medical form
      Paleski: $17
      Porter: $17, medical form, BSA application
      Shah: Insurance card photocopy, $17
      Strzalkowski: T104 form, medical form.
      Welham: $17
      Wernsing: medical form

      All Boy Scouts in Troop 104 need to provide us with the following information every year (except that we only need the official BSA application when they join the first time).

      BSA Application: Official BSA application, which we use in this case to transfer your scout from his pack to this troop.  I have these with me (as do other leaders).  It is a multi-copy carbon.  You need to get one from us and fill it out.  We can help.

      T104 Form: This is Troop 104's own official registration form.  It is a one page, 2-sided document, but you only need to fill in one side.  Available here: http://t104.us/system/files/RegForm2014v3.pdf

      BSA Medical form: For regular T104 campouts, we need parts A&B (filled out by a parent), and a copy of your insurance card.  For summer camp, you also need part C which is filled out by a doctor.  If your scout is attending summer camp, we need parts ABC submitted to us BEFORE 6/23.  If we don't have medical form ABC+insurance card by that date, your son will be dropped from summer camping.  However, we need parts AB+insurance card FOR ALL SCOUTS, ALL THE TIME, RIGHT NOW.

      Fee: Depending on which pack you came from, how much that pack charged for registration, if that pack transferred any fees to us, and whether or not you registered in your pack in 2014, the fee is either $17 (P98 and P4), $0 (P34), or $75 (not registered with a pack in 2014).  Our goal was to have new families pay no more than $75 (our annual fee) total in 2014.

      Please email me directly if you have any questions or concerns.  I hope to be concluded with all this paperwork by this meeting.

      -Dave / Mr McIntyre

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