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1007Important scheduling and permission information including Watchung campout permission slip

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  • Bill Sherman
    Mar 24, 2014

      Troop 104 Families

      There are some activities coming up (and deadlines) over the next few months that you should know and think about now, so that you can be ready.  Though they are on the Troop Calendar Outline (attached) and on the website (http://t104.us), those places don't always discuss deadlines for paperwork and payment.  This message is to sensitize you to a couple of those things.  Also attached is our scout roster -- the password is 1984.  Please treat the phone numbers as confidential.

      The upcoming events are:

      1) Overnight Campout in Watchung Reservation (4/5-4/6)

           * Basically a "shakedown" to get the guys all used to camping, Boy Scout style and to get people to know each other.

           * Permission slip is attached; bring this form with $10 to tonight's or next Monday night's meeting

      2) Six Flags (Amusement Park) Campout (4/25-4/27)

           * Permission slips have gone out and are being collected now.  Cost is $56

           * Last signup and payment will be 4/14 if we have a meeting (or 4/7 if we do not; there was no meeting planned

              but they cancelled the school holiday so now we need to decide whether to have a meeting 4/14 or not).

      3) Canoe 'n Campout  probably at Allamuchy (5/18-5/18)

           * New scout skills for newer boy scouts

           * Canoe opportunity for older scouts and any new scouts who are interested

           * We have some time so sign up for this one

      4) SUMMER CAMPS!

           a) Sabattis Adventure Camp  (7/12-7/19)

           b) Winnebago Scout Reservation  (7/27-8/02)

          * All boy scouts should go to a summer camp if they can  they're fun, exciting, educational and a good value.  Studies show that scouts who get out to Summer camp (especially in their first year) tend to stay with scouting for the whole program.

          * First year boy scouts are encouraged to attend the Winnebago week.  Winnebago is a "dining hall camp",

             so this is an easier week than Sabattis.  

          * All scouts that have camped with Troop 104 several times are welcome to attend Sabattis.

             Sabattis is classified as an "adventure camp" and is a bit more rigorous.  Many first-year campers attend,

             but some find it difficult if they are not seasoned campers already.

          * Last year, more than a dozen of our scouts attended both Sabattis and Winnebago.


             1) All paperwork (including physician's signature on Medical form) must be turned it to Troop 104

                  no later than June 23rd. Missing medical forms after that date will unfortunately result in your son missing

                  the week at camp (even though they already paid).  I know it sounds harsh, but there are more rigorous 

                  NYS health & safety rules that must be followed including reviewing all paperwork with council before 

                  the end of June.  We have no flexibility to extend to you.

              2) Swim tests  must all be administered at camp, even if you are Trekking.

                   There have been special cases made in the past but they are not happening this year.  All tests happen 7/13.

              3) Anyone planning to visit Sabattis Summer Camp — even for one afternoon  must  be pre-registered on a special

                   Roster turned in to council in June.  This means that they will no longer support surprise "walk ins" for 

                   families camping in the Adirondacks  if you think you *might* stop by camp, you must be on our roster 

                  so that they do a NY State criminal background check on you before your arrival.  

                  This is to ensure the safety of your sons.

              4) There are extensive changes to the OTC medication procedures for summer camp.

                   The final details are yet to be published, but it seems like the gist is that they are *not* permitting scouts

                    to bring OTC medications to camp.  Prescription medications must be sent, in the original container, 

                    with the prescription label, and will be administered by the Health Officers.  

                    Common OTC medications will be available at the camps and the scouts do not need to bring them.  

                    If you have concerns about a specific OTC med, you'll need to work with the camping department in advance.

          * Important deadlines for Summer Camp:

              1) Make your doctor's appointments NOW.  Many pediatricians do not like to do springtime physicals yet

                   no one may attend a week at camp without a physician's signature on their medical form.  The hard

                   stop is 6/23, and we have no wriggle room for "special cases".  If you had a physical signed after 7/1/13

                   then it is still good for Sabattis 2014 (but not our week at Winnebago, which lasts until August).

                   Otherwise, get the physical form signed by 6/23…  even if you have to pay Medi-merge $30 to do it.

               2) Early Bird rates of $361/scout-week last until 4/30, and then they go up to $399.

                    We will be getting out the Summer Camp forms as soon as all of the New Scout Registration materials

                     are collected and completed; you need to get the "I am going" form and the check to us by 4/28 

                     to get the lower rate — even if you don't have your other paperwork (physical and such) until later.

               3) Sabattis attendees will need to pay an additional fee for the round trip bus to the Adirondacks;

                    Fees are not published yet but something in the $100 range is expected.

      Please print this and keep it handy since there are several dates that you and your Scouts need to know.


      Bill Sherman

      Troop 104

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