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1006Missing forms - please bring tonight

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  • David McIntyre
    Mar 24, 2014
      The following are the registration forms that I believe are missing.  Please bring them tonight (I will be there near the end of the meeting to collect paperwork).  All the blank forms are available in the "Files" section of http://t104.us.  

      T-104 registration form:

      Agueros, Lage, Bordman, Strzalkowski, London, Agnello, Cammarano, Ioannidis

      BSA youth application form (for the transfer):

      Bordman, Porter, Agnello

      BSA medical form (parts A&B, plus insurance card; no doctor visit necessary):

      I don't have an accurate list at work.  Please submit this tonight if you haven't handed one to me.  Your son cannot go camping with us without this form.  Most of the P4 and P34 scouts are missing this form.

      $17 from Agueros, Porter, Paleski, Kern, Shah, Agnello, Cammarano, Ioannidis ($75)

      Again, I won't be there at the start of the meeting, but should be there at the end to collect all registration paperwork.

      -Mr McIntyre