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131Society for Design and Process Science, Kuching, Malaysia, 15-19 Jun 2014

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  • professor_dash
    Mar 24, 2014
      Society for Design and Process Science
      SDPS 2014 | Smart Innovative Societies
      Kuching, Malaysia | 15-19 Jun 2014

      The Society's vision and objectives can be found here:

      The Society promotes exchange of ideas among specialists and professionals belonging to different fields. This is sought to be achieved through the general notions of process and design. I believe many of us in the SystemsThinkers e-mail group must be familiar with this Society.

      The theme of the Conference is "Smart Innovative Societies." This hints at forms of research that may be necessary to sustain such societies and support its inhabitants/participants. I hope some of you will visit Kuching to participate in the conference. Of course, I would be there assisting the organisers as JRP is a publishing partner.


      D. P. Dash
      Journal of Research Practice (JRP)
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