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121Extinction of the Human Race

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  • mostafadia1
    Jun 21, 2013

      Human beings have reached the point of extinction due to lack of resources, over-population, greed, scientific development, ethnic clashes, and pollution.

       Human beings need more than ever before to unite their efforts in a more peaceful form of global government in order to deal with the above-mentioned problems and try to solve them before catastrophe comes to planet earth.

       No one will be able to escape ethnic clashes if it becomes a global epidemic, because all ethnic groups are interrelated through globalization.

       Over-population consumes all energy and resources of planet Earth and destroys biodiversity and environmental equilibrium.

       Genetic engineering and nanotechnology can make planet Earth the Kingdom of Heavens, if it is directed towards peaceful goals, instead of using it as weapons of mass destruction.

       All problems will be solved if these two technologies are used to serve the well-being of humanity.

       All diseases will disappear, and the life span of human beings will reach unimaginable levels. All energy sources will become green and friendly. All industrial and agricultural means will leap into extraterrestrial levels, and over-population will then be directed into exploring space, by inhabiting the moon and planet Mars and make them stations to travel into other worlds.

       But if these technologies are used for military purposes, then Earth will be destroyed thirty or forty years from now, and life will vanish from our beloved Earth.

       The first step towards global peace is ending the struggle between Arabs and Israelis over Palestine, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians have equal rights to live in the Holy land under one peaceful government.

       Greed and monopoly of the few over the majority must follow global laws that will regulate the accumulation and the distribution of wealth.

       It is our destiny to live together and overcome our hatred and greed because destruction is looming over Earth more than ever before.

       It is the destiny of the United States of America to lead the human race towards love and peace.


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