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112Ackoff Virtual Inquiry Institute - Why?

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  • Kent Myers
    Aug 2, 2010
      A new institution is forming, the Ackoff Virtual Inquiry Institute. If you have an interest in participating, now is a good time to start.  We have a design document and are conducting three, one-week discussions, running from August 1-21.  After that, we will send the design document to potential sponsors.  (We will also have a voice-over slide presentation video.)
      For the first week, our discussion theme is "why?"  Why do we need to act and do something different and better?   Prepare yourself by:
      1. Watching this short video that explains why we start with why: Simon Sinek video: http://bit.ly/av2Dxm
      2.  Reading the design document here: AVII design document:  http://bit.ly/ahbI8H (If the words are splayed across the screen, go to View and select Fixed-width page.)
      Start with why you would pursue such a program.  (There will be time for other comments.) Knowing what motivates our participants will help us direct and modify the program. The design document is open to edits.  If you have improvements and additions, go ahead, but don't be surprised if your contributions are edited further.
      Kent Myers will moderate the discussion.  This first discussion stops on August 7 and a new topic starts on Sunday, August 8.
      Independent discussions will occur in two locations:

      Russell Ackoff (on LinkedIn)
      Systems Thinking World (on LinkedIn)
      The existence of the discussion will be announced additionally in three locations:
      Systems Community of Inquiry
      Social Systems Science Thinkers (on LinkedIn)
      And here, at SystemsThinkers (Yahoo group)