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111Invitation to design project for systems thinkers. Ends August 31

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  • Kent Myers
    Jul 16, 2010
      (many of you received this on other lists)

      At the memorial service for Russell Ackoff, John Pourdehnad proposed
      the formation of a global network. Since then, we held an exploratory
      meeting in George Washington University, and we recently launched our own collaboration space at syscoi.com. Thanks very much to everyone who had contributed so far.

      Now we need a design. Two interacting teams are forming to produce a
      written design for the Ackoff Virtual Inquiry Center (AVIC). The
      document is due by August 31 and will be presented to Penn's
      Organizational Dynamics program for further action.

      Team A will conduct its deliberations on syscoi.com. The point of
      contact for Team A is Dennis Wilson. (Join the syscoi.com site and look at the thread on AVIC.)

      Team B will conduct its deliberations in the Comapping tool. Points
      of contact are Kent Myers myersk1@... and Gene Bellinger
      phoenix@.... David Hawk and a few others have joined so
      far. You can observe Team B's deliberations here:

      Please choose one team and participate. Be part of the founding
      design effort of what we expect to be an very interesting venture.

      Kent Myers