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108Final meeting reminder, plus a request for input

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  • Kent Myers
    Apr 19, 2010
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      Final meeting reminder, plus a request for input

       Meeting on Saturday, April 24, 10am – 1pm to design Ackoff Centers for Design Thinking

       Room 258 Duques Hall. Corner of 22nd and G St. NW, George Washington University, Washington, DC

       Call for input

      We will be asking you to introduce yourself referencing:

      • Your interests related to ACDT
      • One thing you would ideally like this new phase of systems collaboration to be about
      • One key reality that we must face if that ideal is to be advanced

       We will have to limit each person  to 3 minutes, less is preferred.  Those who are not attending are also encouraged to send the same information (in video or text).

       There will be about 25 attending. 

      • we begin in a very open way by listening to everyone's ideas, listened to equally 
      • we will then explore our commonalities and differences
      • we will then form work groups based on areas of common interest and responsibility 

      We will do our best throughout the process to honor and transcend Russ's legacy. 

      A paper was submitted on ACDT's behalf to the US government's request for information on Grand Challenges.  (It is posted to the Yahoo site.)  This may not be what we want to do or how we want to organize ourselves -- that's what we will talk about.  But the submission does demonstrate how ACDT can create a great deal of leverage in support of new thinking. 

      Those not attending, please send inputs to myersk1@....