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106update: April 24 systems meeting in Washington (ACDT)

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  • Kent Myers
    Apr 9, 2010

      Updated information on:  

      Workshop in Washington , April 24 --  
                    Creating the Ackoff Centers for Design Thinking

      Saturday, April 24, 10am – 1pm.  Same time, but we will end the workshop promptly at 1pm because a class starts after us.  We move on to lunch, then an informal post-session.

      Room 258 Duques Hall. This is slightly different from the original room.  Duques Hall is connected to Funger Hall.  Enter Duques on 22nd Street or Funger on G St .

      Duques Hall / Funger Hall
      George Washington University
      2201 G St. NW , Washington , DC

      Who is coming:  Professor Tarassenko, dean of business school at Tomsk University , Siberia , is coming from the greatest distance.  Professor David Hawk will be representing the center in Helsinki .  Larry Starr and Johnnie Pourdehnad will come from Penn.  Steve Brant will come from Boston , and Jim Ziegenfuss may be able to come from State College , PA.  David Ing might be able to stop off on his way back from Europe .  We have some new blood among our Washington-based participants, possibly John Petersen, head of the Arlington Institute.  The number of participants will not be huge, but given their variety and depth, the discussion will surely be fascinating.

      Telecommunication:  We want to offer video conferencing of the proceedings, but details are not yet firm.  (We will have separate video taping and will distribute clips later.)  If you want to hook up for conferencing, please send a note.  Jaime Jimenez in Mexico City , Gene Bellinger in North Carolina , and others have expressed interest in that option. 

      Hotel:  The GW Inn on New Hampshire Avenue is close by. Tell them you will be attending a function at GW.  Another possibility is the Lombardy Hotel at 21st and I Streets. 

      Overview:  Russell Ackoff had a vision of a global community of systems thinkers who would collaborate to address today's daunting challenges.  We can realize this vision with a global alliance of Ackoff Centers for Design Thinking (ACDT).  Our workshop will address:

      • What would you like to see?  The purpose of the ACDT alliance.
      • Major issues, what works for us and against us.  How do centers interact?  How are they supported?
      • What are you will to do, to commit to?  What will the Washington center do?

      Documentation.  Those who respond will receive a link to a Google Doc that describes ACDT.  This is just one version. Add alternatives, if you have them.  We hope to generate more options at the workshop.

      RSVP via email to Kent Myers: myersk1@...  (703 765-4040)
      Washington center contact: Prof. Stuart Umpleby  umpleby@...  (202 994-1642)

      You may invite other systems thinking colleagues to join us.
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