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Synoptic Source Overlaps

I guess this discussion is continuing. Thanks again to Jack, and herewith my best impromptu responses of the morning. Jack Kilmon: Paul was a Hellenistic
E Bruce Brooks
Dec 9

Re: [Alpha] [Synoptic-L] Serious (fatal?) problems with the Critical

Hi Dave: There was a lot of gerrymandering to re-invent Yeshua as a virgin born bareh d’alaha without an earthly father. A notable teacher/prophet was often
Jack Kilmon
Dec 4

Doublet in Q?

Harry Fleddermann, the IQP scholar who has written the main commentary on Q, argues for Q as a narrative, and John Kloppenborg, the most prolific scholar of
David Sloan
Nov 28

The structure and pages of the archetype of Mark's gospel

(Relevant portions from earlier emails snipped below) David S, Almost by definition, interpolations are late, and I think that in this case the big issue is
David Inglis
Nov 7
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