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Re: [Synoptic-L] Re: Again Ascripture

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    To: Synoptic On: Ascripture From: Bruce ascripture
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
      To: Synoptic
      On: Ascripture
      From: Bruce

      ascripture < ascribe; ascription [a text claiming authority on the basis of
      its ascription to a given author, but in fact not by that author; infl and
      reinf by "scripture," a text regarded as authoritative by a particular
      group; eg, the Buddhist Scriptures have doctrinal authority for Buddhists,
      whence the folk etymology a + scriptural = nonscriptural, not properly
      possessing scriptural authority]; pseudepigraph. Example of usage: "Many
      regard 2 Peter as having scriptural authority, but a majority of scholars
      find that the attribution to Peter is untenable, and that the text should
      accordingly be classed as an ascripture."

      Tell your local dictionary editor; I am offering 10% [of gross receipts] as
      finder's fee.


      E Bruce Brooks
      Warring States Project
      University of Massachusetts at Amherst
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