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Mark's understading as presented within his text

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  • Richard Richmond
    What would make roman solider say Truly Jesus was son of God when it was the very title given to Roman emperors. That was treason and he said it publicly.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
      What would make roman solider say Truly Jesus was son
      of God when it was the very title given to Roman
      emperors. That was treason and he said it publicly.

      Actually Mark has Several confession statements that
      declare his understanding of Jesus and he uses all
      three titles to address all three cultures. Jesus was
      not a birth name according to Mark he believed like
      the author of Phil 2:9. That the person we call Jesus
      was given the title name after his obedience unto
      death. it was the name of the spirit as it moved
      about among the disciples. The actual nature of the
      Jesus is declared by the first unclean spirit who
      speaking for the spirit class of beings declares that
      Jesus is the “holy one (spirit) of God”. The phrase
      “what to you and to us” identifies the nature of the
      Jesus to a reading audience. It asks what Jesus and
      the spirits have in common. The implication is that
      they are all spirits, but that The first reponse of
      the spirit is in the plural Jesus is the holy one of
      God. In the play they would both have been dressed
      alike to emphasize that Jesus was spirit..

      After chapter seven and the final split with the
      Jewish factions, Jesus goes to the Greeks, the next
      dramatic confession is from Peter saying that he is
      the Christ. The Greek Messiah is the import of that
      term. Jesus says “don’t tell anyone” but later the
      high priest seems to know all about it. Only three
      people new, Peter James and John, so who told the high
      priest.? Judas did not know. Most people don’t even
      ask that question. Someone had to be disobedient to
      Jesus command not to say anything. Someone like Simon
      the leper who told that Jesus had touched him and kept
      Jesus from entering into the cities. Why would the
      Jewish high priest care what the Greeks called Jesus?
      Ah well that is explained by the phrase “are you the
      son of the blessed.”

      We have two confessions of son of God, one by the
      Garasene demoniac “son of the Most High God” who had
      the legion, a Roman term for 5000 men. The other
      confession from the Roman centurion. The final Play of
      Mark’s Trilogy is modeled after Prometheus Bound
      thought to have been written by Aeschylus. The Romans
      were very fond of this play both in Greek and in
      Latin. It was about a son a Titan who defied Zeus to
      save humankind. A God who gave men gifts of fire,
      healings potions, and knowledge , so that they could
      survive. For his efforts he was nailed up on a rock to
      suffer eternally so that men could survive the wrath
      of Zeus.

      The parable of the wicked tenants sums up Marks
      intended meaning for his Gospel. Jesus is the beloved
      son and heir. And those in charge of the vineyard kill
      him and then cast him out of the vineyard. Why? They
      want to own the vineyard, to find out what the
      vineyard is one would have to go back to Isaiah’s song
      of the vineyard. Destruction is the outcome for the
      wicked tenants. Well that’s what I read in the Gospel
      of Mark. And early or later theological
      interpretations are not likely to change what is in
      the text. At least that is what I see in the text.

      Rick Richmond rickr2889@...

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