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Re: [Synoptic-L] I'm not supposed to be here

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  • Jack Kilmon
    I am a little puzzled myself. I know everyone involved and have had some extensive discussions with Lloyd in matters concerning Hebrew and Aramaic nuance in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2013
      I am a little puzzled myself. I know everyone involved and have had some
      extensive discussions with Lloyd in matters concerning Hebrew and Aramaic
      nuance in Biblical usage and find him engaging and knowledgeable (which
      means more to me than degrees...but he has them also). I have never read
      anything from him that would remotely be considered worthy of banning
      without discussion. What am I missing?


      Jack Kilmon
      Houston, TX

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      Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 8:02 PM
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      Subject: [Synoptic-L] I'm not supposed to be here

      Dear list:

      I am rather amazed if you might be reading this or any of my posts. I have
      been banned from several lists, many of which Dr. Gibson owners or
      participates in regulating. Indeed, he has rather taken the role of
      monitoring my activity and himself has banned me from the many lists that he
      regulates. In my view, there are two reasons for this. First, due to a
      certain mental disorder, I have posted in various places some content that
      is downright bizarre, earning me a place on a certain, unofficial blacklist.
      More relevant is the content of certain of my academic positions. For
      example, as a literary critic, I brought what I thought were rather
      trenchant criticisms of "revisionism" in b-Hebrew when that list was less
      restricted to a linguistic discussion of classical Hebrew. Of course, I
      came into sharp disagreement with one professor Lemche and one Professor
      Thompson, both of whom saw fit to engage in "dissing" me. "My barbs" as
      Professor Thompson called it.

      As it turns out, some of my ideas are strongly often regarded as
      anti-Christian." However, I have no anti-Christian agenda. Indeed, I have
      no formal affiliation with any group. If my ideas seem anti-Christian, well
      that simply how they have fallen out.

      So in that I have access to this forum by some miracle, I wish to state that
      there are certain parties who wish to suppress my participation in academic
      forums, two being Jeffrey Gibson and Niels Lemeche. The forums that I have
      been banned from are:

      Kata Markon

      Professor Gibson is involved in at least four of the five listed above and
      Professor Lemche is also a moderator on ane-2. Just how I slipped by to be
      here eludes me. Perhaps I was subscribed and involved in a discussion
      before any steps could be taken to suppress my involvement. I don't know.
      As some may have witnessed, a favorite ploy to attempt to discredit me is
      that I do not have adequate knowledge of secondary academic scholarship of a
      given topic. Who really does? Of course, this is not to say that I do not
      think that I should if I wish to publish.

      On the other hand, I do have linguistic access to primary data with a
      working knowledge of classical Hebrew, Aramaic and koine Greek. I have
      solid academic credentials with a doctorate in Hebrew Language and
      Literature from Vanderbilt. I also have a modest but solid publication
      record, having been published in CBQ, ZAW, VT, JSOT, MDB and CBQMS. But in
      the end, it is the contents of my post that I think demonstrate that I am
      well qualified to participate in an academic discussion related to both
      Testaments. I also have quite qualified and well-known referees. At
      Vanderbilt I studied under Walter Harrelson, James Crenshaw and Douglas
      Knight. In New Testament, I studied under Daniel Patte and Gerd Luedemann.

      So hopefully I am here clearing the air and might be excused from my
      detractors' little Internet drama. I very much have nothing to gain and
      nothing to lose. I am hardly less qualified that a graduate student in NT
      who otherwise would be welcomed on an academic list such as this one. So no
      I am not current on the secondary literature of NT studies, or OT studies
      for that matter. I am content to work with primary data, which of course is
      king. If I should commit some academic blunder of being uniformed, I shall
      be happy to learn.

      As I have said, I have no hidden agenda. I am simply pursing my vocation to
      advance scholarly knowledge of the Bible and to learn from it. If anyone
      should have a problem with any of ideas here expressed, I should be happy to
      learn of them. If anyone should wish to engage them, fine. Basically, the
      snide questionings against myself are quite annoying and I am not here to
      draw attention to myself. If someone really just has to know something
      about me, I will happy to respond either privately or publicly.

      Should I be taken off the blacklist? I do not think that likely. People
      who blacklist are not the type who retract it. Dr. Gibson has made himself
      an officer of the thought police, which my view very much betrays a sacred
      quest for the open and free exchange of ideas. Shame on him. On academia
      edu, I have two who are following me. Guess who was the first? He is quite
      concerned. He's protecting you from me. In doing so, he not only
      patronizes me, he patronizes you and obviously derives some persona
      self-importance in adopting his role as a "protector."

      Now I would be most gratified in everyone would just leave me alone and let
      me get back to studying the Bible, free of these rather annoying impediments
      list suppressions and blatant censorship. I am weary and irritated of a
      needless defending of myself.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      LM Barré, PhD
      Vanderbilt alumus (good enough?)
      San Diego

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