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New Journal: Warring States Papers

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    To: Synoptic On: New Journal From: Bruce Speaking of publication, did I remember to report to this list (other than as a remote future prospect) the appearance
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      To: Synoptic
      On: New Journal
      From: Bruce

      Speaking of publication, did I remember to report to this list (other than
      as a remote future prospect) the appearance of a new and perhaps somewhat
      relevant journal? Let me do so now.

      It is the journal of our academic unit at UMass/Amherst (the department
      called the Warring States Project). "Warring States" [Jàn-gwó] is the
      Chinese name for the classical period of China. The journal's title is
      Warring States Papers. It chiefly addresses classical China - not that this
      is so very out of the way, for Synoptically interested persons, since much
      of Luke, including the Parable of the Canny Steward, not to mention the
      Golden Rule and such, is simply unintelligible without that background. But
      the journal also includes a significant component of New Testament studies
      as such. These are few in v1, due to prior commitments, but that segment
      will be substantial in future volumes. The point of these studies is to
      demonstrate the universal utility of classical philological methods, and the
      value to history of applying those methods systematically to the texts. It
      is assumed as a matter of course that the evolution of Early Christianity is
      simply one more kind of history.

      For example, nobody really believes in the priority of Mark. (For, if they
      did, why would they seek and find the Historical Jesus exclusively in the
      Second Tier Gospels, Matthew and Luke?). What would happen, one might ask,
      if the priority of Mark, its superior value as a nearer-contemporary witness
      to the beginning of Christianity, were not only acknowledged, but carried
      through? What would happen if evidence of interpolation, even in Mark, were
      noticed and figured into the equation? The world will only know the answer
      when this is attempted, and the point of this aspect of the journal is to
      provide a place of shelter and calm where it can *be* attempted, and
      systematically attempted, free of the usual white noise and conversation
      stoppers that presently seem to prevail.

      Information (including order information, with a special page for
      librarians) is available at


      We very much commend this item to the attention of theological libraries,
      especially those at major research centers.

      Also clickable from that page are guidelines for prospective authors, in
      case anyone should be interested in that way. (We do not, for instance, do
      long papers; send them elsewhere). For prospective readers, I may note that
      in addition to the standard Asian bibliographies, WSP will be indexed - and
      the first volume already *has been indexed,* so Chris Matthews tells me - in
      New Testament Abstracts.

      Respectfully mentioned,


      E Bruce Brooks
      Warring States Project
      University of Massachusetts at Amherst
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