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The Gospel of Mark and The Seven count.

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  • Richard Richmond
    Below I have presented some of the words that I beleive were counted and made to comply with the number seven in the original document of the Gospel of Mark.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2005
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      Below I have presented some of the words that I
      beleive were counted and made to comply with the
      number seven in the original document of the Gospel of
      Mark. Of course it goes without saying that we do not
      have that document though I would add that we do not
      know for certain that the orginal of Mark does not
      exist somewhere. From this list you will begin get an
      idea of what Mark was and what attempts were made to
      alter the original text. You may also notice that P45
      is missing many of text that would confirm or refute
      the counts of the words I have presented. Perhaps one
      day we will have something older and less altered than
      the text of Vaticanus to make a more thorough
      investigation of these words. I have found it
      interesting that Codex D often reveals a reading that
      is missing one of the occurences of this list of
      words. There are more that I would include in the 7
      count words, but this list will do for now, until I
      can examine the manuscript evidence more completely.
      My position is that these words were among the ones
      intended to occur 7 times. I am not saying that each
      would does appear exaclty seven times so I want to
      make that clear. I find it most interesting that the
      Greek term for Messiah "Christ", is among the words
      that have escaped alteration. And I would say the same
      for Gospel wchich only exceeds the count if one
      includes the longer ending of Mark as original. I find
      this list strinking in that it includes so many of the
      very important words in this Gospel. The dotted lines
      help to show what I regard as posssible spurious
      occurences. I would add one last thought it is quite
      likey that some of the counts have been altered
      accidentally by common scribal error and are not the
      result of devious intentions. If I have made mistakes
      in my own counting I will appreciate points of

      Mar 8:5
      Mar 8:6
      Mar 8:8
      Mar 8:20
      Mar 12:20
      Mar 12:22
      Mar 12:23
      Mar 16:9


      Mar 1:1
      Mar 1:14
      Mar 1:15
      Mar 8:35
      Mar 10:29
      Mar 13:10
      Mar 14:9
      Mar 16:15

      Mar 1:1
      Mar 8:29
      Mar 9:41
      Mar 12:35
      Mar 13:21
      Mar 14:61
      Mar 15:32

      Mar 1:3
      Mar 1:11
      Mar 1:26
      Mar 5:7
      Mar 9:7
      Mar 15:34
      Mar 15:37

      Mar 1:8
      Mar 1:24
      Mar 3:29
      Mar 6:20
      Mar 8:38
      Mar 12:36
      Mar 13:11

      Mar 1:22
      Mar 1:27
      Mar 2:10
      Mar 3:15
      Mar 6:7
      Mar 11:28
      Mar 13:34

      Mar 1:32
      Mar 4:35
      Mar 6:47
      Mar 11:19
      Mar 13:35
      Mar 14:17
      Mar 15:42

      Offend, fall away
      Mar 4:17
      Mar 6:3
      Mar 9:42
      Mar 9:43
      Mar 9:45
      Mar 9:47
      Mar 14:27
      Mar 14:29

      Mar 7:3
      Mar 7:5
      Mar 8:31
      Mar 11:27
      Mar 14:43
      Mar 14:53
      Mar 15:1

      Mar 9:41
      Mar 10:38 (2)
      Mar 10:39 (2)
      Mar 10:39
      Mar 14:25
      Mar 16:18

      Mar 15:13
      Mar 15:14
      Mar 15:15
      Mar 15:20
      Mar 15:24
      Mar 15:25
      Mar 15:27
      Mar 16:6

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