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Re: [Synoptic-L] Luke's Order (A Propos L and M)

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      BRUCE wrote, speaking of additions (Lk B) to a presumed earlier version
      of Lk:

      -----(3) A rewritten Jesus genealogy, linking him not to David (the old
      Messiah agenda, retained and transformed in Mt), but to the first man,
      thus to all men. Universal, you see. Gentle Luke is an includer by
      temperament, and by contrast with the OT-centered Matthew.

      LEONARD: As in Matthew's genealogy, Jesus, in Lk 3, descends from both
      David (3:31) and Abraham (3:34). Climactically, he also descends from
      God (3:38), as is also implied at the end of Matthew's genealogy: ...
      ex qua [i.e. Maria] natus est Jesus, qui vocatur Christus (implying --
      in light of the preceding genealogy -- that Joseph was not the active
      begetter here...). What is missing from Luke's genealogy is the sorry
      cast of characters that makes up the royal lineage, kings of Judah,
      descended from David. Also, it is perhaps not so much temperament as
      the history of the Gentile mission, and God's acknowdelged role in it,
      that informs Luke's universalist inclinations.

      A generalization can be made from the above sequence of comments on
      Luke: what first impresses one, when reading Luke after Matthew is
      always the striking differences introduced. A closer reading of the
      text, however, always reveals an extraordinary respect and preservation
      by Luke of Matthean detail, even within the creative freedom Luke

      Leonard Maluf
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