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The missing Abba and the directions for how to pray.

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  • Richard Richmond
    ... when ... are ... later ... Abba. ... This statement is curious coming from someone who has been saying all along that Mark copied Luke . Now we have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2005
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      John wrote:

      > Now you claim Lk and Mt rejected the use of Abba
      > praying to God. Although the Lord's Prayer is
      > preserved in Greek why do you suppose the original
      > Aramaic or Hebrew behind the Greek text does not use
      > Abba? What other word do you suppose was used? Or
      > you now going to say there was none and it is a
      > invention by these authors? Either way the argument
      > still is there that the use of PATER in Greek must
      > have an equivalent in Hebrew or Aramaic which is
      > So where is the objection posed by Lk or Mt to be
      > found?

      This statement is curious coming from someone who has
      been saying all along that Mark copied Luke . Now we
      have to explain the difference from an Aramaic source
      behind Luke? The facts are there for anyone to see
      John. Luke has a formula for prayer that does not
      include ABBA. Where Mark uses ABBA , the term is
      missing from Luke and Matthew. Matthew also prescribes
      a method for prayer that does not include ABBA. And
      Matthew also has ABBA missing from the Garden
      narrative. Now Paul writing many years before either
      of the Synoptics uses ABBA in the context of prayer.
      The word is EXCLUSIVE to the text of Mark and the
      Pauline Letters of Romans and Galatians. These are the
      facts and they indicate that Paul has a broader
      understanding of how one can relate to God the Father.
      I say that is due to the influence of Greek Culture
      and Classic Greek Literature in his upbringing and
      that Mark has drawn it from the writing of Paul. One
      thing for certain Mark did not come by this word while
      copying Luke. I would say that if you want to defend
      Lukes formula in conjuction with the absence of Abba
      in the garden narrative you would have to show other
      references where Abba is used in prayer among Jewish
      believers. At least that is what I would look for if
      confronted with this sort of evidence. Since I believe
      Mark was first, I say it is missing because Matthew
      and Luke did not like the term and the evidence that
      they did not like it is that they took the time to
      describe how to pray correctly.


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