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Re: [Synoptic-L] Abbott

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    Check the bibliography at the bottom of the article. I would assume that the scholar is: EDWIN ABBOTT, Notes on New Testament Criticism (London, 1906) Here s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2006
      Check the bibliography at the bottom of the article. I
      would assume that the scholar is:

      EDWIN ABBOTT, Notes on New Testament Criticism
      (London, 1906)

      Here's the full bibliography:

      The literature on Papias is of overwhelming quantity.
      Every introduction to the New Testament, every book on
      the Fourth Gospel mentions him. The best discussion in
      English is LIGHTFOOT'S Essays on Supernatural
      Religion, reprinted from the Contemporary Review
      (London, 1889); on the preface see especially ZAHN,
      Forschungen, VI (1900); on the two Johns, DRUMMOND,
      EZRA ABBOTT, CAMERLUNCH, and others on the Gospel of
      St. John; for the view that the Apostle was not at
      Ephesus but only the presbyter, HARNACK, Gesch. der
      altchr. Litt., II (1897), and (making the presbyter
      the beloved disciple) DELFF, Gesch d. Rabbi Jesus
      (Leipzig, 1889); IDEM, Das vierte Evang.
      wienderhergestellt; IDEM, Neue Beitrage zur Kritik und
      Erklarung des vierten Ev. (both at Husum, 1890);
      SANDAY, The Criticism of the Fourth Gospel (Oxford,
      1905); BOUSSET, Offenbarung d. Joh. (Leipzig, 1896);
      also ZAHN, loc. cit.; STANTON, The Gospels as Hist.
      Documents, I (1903); CHAPMAN, John the Presbyter
      (Oxford, 1911); on the supposed martyrdom of St. John,
      DE BOOR, Neue Fragmente des Papias in Texteu. Unters.,
      V, II (1888); DELEF, loc. cit; CHAPMAN, loc. cit;
      SCHWARTZ, Ueber den Tod der Sohne Zebedaei (infavour
      of the martyrdom, Berlin 1904); against are ARMITAGE
      ROBINSON, The Historical Character of St. John's
      Gospel (London, 1908); EDWIN ABBOTT, Notes on New
      Testament Criticism (London, 1906); for a general
      account of Papias, see BARDENHEWER, Gesch. der
      altkirchl. Litt., I (Freiburg, 1902), who gives
      sufficient references to older books and articles;
      more in RICHARDSON'S Synopisis (Buffalo, 1887). On St.
      John in Irenaeus, CHAPMAN, Papias on the Age of our
      Lord in Journal of Theol. Studies, IX (Oct., 1907),
      33; GUTJAHR, Die Glaubwurdigkeit des irenaischen
      Zeugnisses (Graz, 1904); LEWIS, The irenaeus testimony
      to the Fourth Gospel (Chicago, 1908); on the Chiliasm
      of Papias, ATZBERGER, Gesch. der christl. Eschatologie
      (Freiburg, 1896); GRY, Le millenarisme (Paris, 1904;
      New York, 1899).

      --- Tim Lewis <tim_lewis@...> wrote:

      > "It is interesting to note that (as Dr. Abbott has
      > shown) the fourth Gospel inserts or refers to every
      > incident given in St. Mark which St. Luke has passed
      > over."
      > I came across the above on the online Catholic
      > Encyclopedia
      > http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11457c.htm
      > To what work is this referring?
      > Can someone tell me more?
      > Tim.
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      > Australia.
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