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Re: [Synoptic-L] going fishin'

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  • mike carrell
    You open the door to the meaning of the net. In Matthew s gospel immediately after Jesus calls Peter and Andrew and James and John, they leave their nets for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005
      You open the door to the meaning of the net. In Matthew's gospel immediately after Jesus calls Peter and Andrew and James and John, they leave their 'nets for catching fish' and follow him. Jesus is going to give them 'nets for catching men'. The first thing that Jesus does with these new 'fishermen' is teach them the beatitudes and tell them in like manner, they are to let their 'light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.' Obviously, the net that his new fishermen will use is the word of God. Since the four gospels are intimately bound together, the ending of John's gospel, for example, has the 'seven' using the word of God to catch the gentiles on the 'right' side of the lake.' Isn't it cool that Peter, here too, drags the gentiles up out of the waters (of baptism) and brings them to the 'breaking of bread' on the beach!
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      I think you will enjoy this.

      I was just reading Matthew 17:24-27 on the temple tax. After all these years of
      being dumbfounded, it's nice to finally understand what the author intended!
      And it is beautiful.

      It's easy for us to understand that Jesus isn't expected to pay for his "Father's
      house," so he is exempt from the Temple tax. So, what could he give in its

      Remembering that Peter is no longer a fisherman for fish, think about this:

      Peter is told to cast a "hook" and take up the "first fish" that comes up. Let's
      understand it this way.knowing that Peter is going fishing for men, he shares
      Jesus' words to "hook" that man. And after sharing the Word, the person he
      draws up out of the water is now a newly baptized man. Since this man is
      newly baptized that which comes forth from the man's mouth, is led by the
      Spirit. The "coin," an offering due for the Father's house that comes forth from
      the man's mouth, is the glorious praise of God. This glorious praise of God is
      what Jesus desires to give to his Father. ".We give to God what is God's."


      Mike Carrell

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