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Re: [Synoptic-L] Mark and Pauline Teaching

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  • Stephen C. Carlson
    ... See also Joel Marcus, Mark--Interpreter of Paul, NTS 46 (2000): 473-487. ... See also M. D. Goulder, A Pauline in a Jacobite Church in THE FOUR
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      At 03:07 PM 7/8/2005 -0500, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
      >Chuck Jones wrote:
      >> Rick, If you think you'd be interested in exposing yourself to
      >> another view, again, I'd recommend Mack's _Who Wrote the New
      >> Testament?_.
      >A bit too edgy for my taste and tainted by some question begging
      >assumptions about Paul and his theology. Better I think is the
      >consideration of the question that can now be found in the Introduction
      >of Joel Marcus' Anchor Commentary on Mark.

      See also Joel Marcus, "Mark--Interpreter of Paul," NTS 46 (2000): 473-487.
      Here's the abstract:

      |Claiming that Mark is a Paulinist does not require that he agree with
      |Paul about everything, and plausible reasons can be advanced for a later
      |Paulinist wanting to write the story of the earthly Jesus. Martin Werner's
      |assertion that the agreements between Mark and Paul reflect general early
      |Christian viewpoints is not valid with regard to the theology of the cross,
      |which was a controversial Pauline emphasis and a stress that the later
      |Gospels attenuated in editing Mark. Contrary to Werner, Mark and Paul
      |agree in ascribing Jesus' death to a combination of human and demonic

      See also M. D. Goulder, "A Pauline in a Jacobite Church" in THE FOUR GOSPELS:
      1992 (Van Segbroeck et al., eds.; BETL 100; Leuven: University Press, 1992):

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