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Re: [Synoptic-L] Are most NT 'analysts' just not very good at analysing data?

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  • Dennis Dean Carpenter
    David, I interpreted what you said as data as numbers. If one looks at data, however, as known information, there is a definite problem, for there is
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 17, 2009
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      I interpreted what you said as data as numbers. If one looks at "data," however, as "known information," there is a definite problem, for there is actually very little (if anything) "known" with any certainty, in a modern historical sense, about the synoptics, "Paul," "Peter," and so on, whether the specialists are in a narrow area of expertise or have applied that to areas somewhat outside their area of expertise. To a great extent, it all seems to me to be "educated speculation," dependent upon what others have written, on what one's bias is, and how one, based on this, analyzes. It isn't a matter of lousy data analysis, but of application of what one knows to attempt to solve the unknown and probably the unknowable. That's what makes it so interesting to me. It's not the end, but the "getting there" that is fascinating.

      Dennis Dean Carpenter
      Dahlonega, Ga.

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      From: David @ Comcast
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      Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 8:58 PM
      Subject: RE: [Synoptic-L] Are most NT 'analysts' just not very good at analysing data?

      Dennis, I'm not sure where the maths comes in. "Data" is a broad term that
      is not restricted to numbers. I'm thinking much more of things like patterns
      (not necessarily in a mathematical sense) within texts; manuscript
      locations, groups/families, and numbers; agreements and/or disagreements in
      patristic references; dates; indications of directionality; etc.

      Also, when I asked if anyone could prove me wrong, I was not in any way
      suggesting any kind of formal proof. I was just really asking for
      indications of people working 'outside their box,' e.g. synoptic specialists
      also looking a Paul, or Pauline specialists also looking at Peter, etc.,

      David Inglis

      Lafayette, CA, 94549

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