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The structure of the archetype of Mark (was: A Reconstruction of the Pre-Markan PassionNarrative)

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  • Ron Price
    ... No. So here it is, based on the NA27 Greek text less 9:12b; 14:28; 14:61b-64 and 16:7, all of which have the hallmarks of interpolations. The structure is
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      Bruce Brooks wrote:

      > Is there an online, or other accessible, version of his reconstructed
      > archetype of Mark?

      No. So here it is, based on the NA27 Greek text less 9:12b; 14:28; 14:61b-64
      and 16:7, all of which have the hallmarks of interpolations.

      The structure is a hierarchy with up to 3 levels. Indentations in the
      section titles are intended to indicate levels in the hierarchy, but the
      levels can be worked out from the chap:vers range after each title.

      Lets pp

      1235 1 Introduction to the "gospel" 1:1-15 framed
      The Galilean ministry 1:16-8:26
      5561 4 The call to break with old ways 1:16-3:6 framed
      9578 7 The multitudes hear about Jesus 3:7-6:6a framed
      9517 7 The mission to feed the multitudes 6:6b-8:26 framed
      The way of the cross 8:27-15:39 framed
      On the way 8:27-10:52 framed
      1349 1 Caesarea Philippi: 1st prediction 8:27-9:1
      3971 3 In Galilee: 2nd prediction 9:2-50
      2896 2 Beyond the Jordan: 3rd prediction 10:1-34
      1479 1 What shall I do for you? 10:35-52
      The coming of the Lord 11:1 - 13:37 framed
      2751 2 Jesus comes to Jerusalem 11:1-33
      4135 3 The exemplars of Judaism condemned 12:1-13:2
      2720 2 The signs of the end 13:3-37
      Chief priests cause the death of Jesus 14:1-15:39 framed
      1443 1 Preparations for the Passover 14:1-16
      2703 2 Betrayal 14:17-52
      1423 1 Denial 14:53-72
      1382 1 The trial before Pilate 15:1-20a
      1354 1 The crucifixion 15:20b-39
      1334 1 Conclusion: the experience of the women 15:40-16:8

      Total 54831 Greek letters; 40 pages; mean 1371 letters per page
      Mean deviation of 17 base sections from 40-page model is 60 letters.
      When the mathematics is done, it is clear that in the case of this book the
      author/scribe did not use the page boundaries as mere guidelines, but
      actually fitted the material for each section exactly onto the number of
      pages allocated to it.


      1. The fact that the total number of pages is a whole multiple of 40
      strongly suggests that the gospel was planned for a codex. This brings added
      meaning to Mk 2:22 : "new wine is for fresh skins". The Jews used scrolls,
      but Mark thought Christianity deserved a new medium.
      2. It has long been recognized that anyone composing a document for a codex
      would have to plan carefully in order to fit the intended material into it
      (c.f. e.g. Aland & Aland; Elliott). For it is not possible to add a sheet or
      two at the end, as it is with a scroll. It is proposed here that the author
      first decided how many sheets to use, then divided his material into
      sections and allocated one or more pages to each section.
      3. The word "framed" indicates that the section has an 'inclusio'. This
      lends additional support to the originality of the section.
      4. The structure is symmetrical up to the second level. The originality of
      this part of the division into sections is further supported by word stem
      analysis (finding the stem which best characterises each section, which can
      be done objectively using a relatively simple mathematical formula). But
      this is way beyond the scope of this email.
      5. The author's structure has greater detail towards the end, which is just
      what we would expect from someone wishing to ensure that the crucial climax
      of the story fits properly onto the codex.

      Ron Price

      Derbyshire, UK

      Web site: http://homepage.virgin.net/ron.price/index.htm
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