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Re: [Synoptic-L] Re: Temptations

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  • Jack Kilmon
    I think the best treatment is Ray Pritz, Nazarene Jewish Christianity 1988, 1992 Magnes Press. The Gospel of the Hebrews/Ebionites/Nazarenes are rescensions
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      I think the best treatment is Ray Pritz, "Nazarene Jewish Christianity"
      1988, 1992 Magnes Press. The Gospel of the Hebrews/Ebionites/Nazarenes are
      rescensions of the same early Aramaic Gospel.

      The title of this gospel was the "Gospel of the Hebrews" and was referred
      to as Gospel of the Nazarenes in the 9th century by Haimo of Auxerre who
      misread Jerome's Isaiah Commentary where he speaks of the "Gospel of the
      Hebrews as read by the Nazarenes." The Gospel of the Hebrews was an Aramaic
      gospel used by the Nazarenes/Ebionites and was claimed by them to have been
      written by the real disciple Matthew. None of the canonical gospels appear
      to be by
      eye-witnesses or even authors from Palestine. The "Gospel of the Hebrews"
      was, therefore, "more original" but was a work by the Jewish followers of
      Jesus and not non-Jewish Christians, hence was ill-regarded by the gentile
      Christians. There are only about 8 quotations from the Gospel of the
      Hebrews, translated by Jerome, Clement and Epiphanius.

      The ORIGINAL Nazarenes/Ebionites taught that Jesus was born in the usual
      manner and
      "adopted" by God on his baptism and that the "virgin Birth" was an invention
      of pagan-influenced Christians. This is supported by a quote from the
      Gospel of the Nazarenes/Hebrews itself quoted by Epiphanius Pan 30 13,7-8.
      It is the only quote with a parallel in the Synoptics.

      "After the people had been baptised Jesus also came and was baptised by
      John. And when he ascended from the water the heavens opened and he saw the
      Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descending and coming to him. And a voice
      from heaven said: Thou art my beloved son, in thee I am well pleased. THIS

      It was at this time that the GH states, "The whole fount of the Holy Spirit
      shall descend upon him.." It further states, "And it came to pass when the
      Lord was come up out of the water, the whole fount of the Holy Spirit
      descended upon Him and rested on Him and said to Him, 'My Son, in all the
      prophets was I waiting for thee that thou should come and I might rest in
      thee. For thou art my rest; thou art my first-begotten Son that reignest
      forever." (Jerome, in Is 11, 2)

      Also in Jerome's in Is 40.9 he quotes. The Lord says, "A moment ago my
      mother, the Holy Spirit, took me up." In Hebrew and Aramaic, the "Holy
      Spirit" (Ruha Qodesha) is feminine.

      Jerome also states, "For since the apostles believed Him to be spirit,
      according to the Gospel which is of the Hebrews and is read by the
      Nazarenes, a demon without a body, he said to them." (Jerome, in Is, prol

      Jerome also goes on in adv. Pelagius 3, 2, "In the Gospel according to the
      Hebrews, which is indeed in the Chaldaean and Syrian speech (Aramaic) but is
      written in Hebrew letters, whiich the Nazarenes use to this day...the story
      tells us: Behold, the mother of the Lord and his brethren said unto him:
      John the Baptist baptizeth unto the remission of sins; let us go and be
      baptized of him. But he said unto them: Wherein have I sinned, that I
      should go and be baptized of him? Unlike peradventure this very thing that
      I have said is (a sin of) ignorance.
      And in the same book: If thy brother (said he) have sinned by a word and
      made thee amends, seven times in a day receive thou him. Simon his
      disciple said unto him: Seven times in a day? The Lord answered and said
      unto him: Yea, I say unto thee, seventy times seven times, For in the
      prophets also, after they were annointed by the Holy Spirit, the word of sin
      was found.

      I think Pritz book is a "must read" for anyone interested in"pre-Christian


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      > Jack,
      > I have trouble in distinguishing the various Gospels of the Hebrews,
      > Ebionites, etc. Do you have a preferred reference for the whole matter?
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