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960I apologize ahead of time

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  • Calvin Royal
    Mar 7, 2008
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      I hope that this post is not a violation of synoptic-l protocol and
      do greatly apologize beforehand if it indeed is. I would like to
      first say thank you and express my continued support and great
      interest in your group. I would also ask the moderators to overlook
      this post if an infraction of protocol has occured and to please
      allow my continued membership. (as I am unclear about this). But I
      would like to cordially invite any member or mod to join a newly born
      discussion forum for dialogue on these same areas of study. I value
      the atmosphere of serious academia here and would love to see the
      same on my forum. I do not wish to fracture synoptic-l and would wish
      rather to plug my site as a supplemental source for dialogue. Again I
      apologize to the mods if this is percieved as a shameless plug.

      The forums are avaliable to anyone interested here:
      I have also created a special membergroup for the users of synoptic-l
      which will set you apart from other groups on the forums which may
      help to attract more interest to synoptic-l of course. I would like
      to think we both could benefit from this.

      Thank you one again for your time and interest; and please pardon the


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