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926Re: [Synoptic-L] Testing the 3ST

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  • Ron Price
    Dec 16, 2007
      Dave Gentile wrote:

      > O.K. - a back of the envelop calculation


      Thanks for your efforts, but you may need to find another envelope - should
      be plenty around at this time of year :-)

      > (or really some quick cutting and pasting with a spreadsheet) -

      Or another spreadsheet.

      > xQ:
      > 18 blocks
      > 1770 words
      > average length 98 words
      > 1602 possible 10 word agrements
      > .......
      > sQ:
      > 57 blocks
      > 2381 words
      > average length 42 words
      > 1881 possible 10 word agrements
      > 12 actual agreements

      Firstly, what I found was the set of strings common to Matthew and Luke
      having *more than* ten contiguous words, i.e. 11+
      Thus 1602 should be replaced by 1584 and 1881 by 1824.

      Secondly you appear to be comparing apples and pears in the agreements. The
      numbers 1584 and 1824 represent counts of the number of possible 11-word
      strings (some of which will be overlapping). What I had counted were the
      numbers and lengths of all the strings having more than ten words (none of
      which overlap with each other by definition). The total number of words in
      the xQ and sQ strings were 364 and 205 respectively. Therefore my actual
      numbers of 11-word strings (some of which will overlap) are 364 - 10*23 =
      134 and 205 - 10*12 = 85 respectively. So in xQ there are 134 contiguous
      11-word strings out of a possible 1584, and in sQ there are 85 contiguous
      11-word strings out of a possible 1824. (All this neglects the fact that the
      blocks have different lengths, but I agree that the approximation that they
      have equal lengths is unlikely to make much difference to the results.)

      Ron Price

      Derbyshire, UK

      Web site: http://homepage.virgin.net/ron.price/index.htm
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