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920Re: [Synoptic-L] Testing the 3ST

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  • Dave Gentile
    Dec 15, 2007
      No need to do all the word counting yet. I think we have enough
      information for a hand-waving approximate calculation.

      I have to take the cat to the vet, but I'll come back to this soon.

      Dave Gentile
      Riverside, IL

      --- In Synoptic@yahoogroups.com, Ron Price <ron.price@...> wrote:
      > Dave Gentile wrote:
      > > I was thinking of blocks that would need to be defined by being
      > > contiguous in both Matthew and Luke. These blocks could be a
      > > pericope, or a single saying found in both Matthew and Luke, but
      > > a different context.
      > Dave,
      > Down to pericope or saying level there are I think 73 such blocks.
      > > Those blocks are then assigned to sQ or xQ in whole or in part.
      > > resulting number of blocks in each sQ and zQ are what we would
      > > to count, I belive (as well as determine their length).
      > I count 18 sub-blocks in xQ and 57 in sQ (thus indicating that
      only 2 blocks
      > were split between xQ and sQ). As for counting the length of each
      block in
      > both Matthew and Luke, I could do the counts if and when you
      actually want
      > to make use of the information.
      > Ron Price
      > Derbyshire, UK
      > Web site: http://homepage.virgin.net/ron.price/index.htm
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