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829Re: [Synoptic-L] Are we serious?

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  • Jim West
    May 18, 2007
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      Kym Smith wrote:
      > Dear Listers,
      > Though I am sure I will receive a resounding rebuke (which would be better than the usual resounding silence!) I must ask whether or not the members of this list are actually interested in finding a solution to the Synoptic Problem. It is natural to hold dear one's own conclusions about this or any other matter, but the diversity of answers indicates that no one can be absolutely certain of their particular stance. Simply to ignore or fend off new ideas - especially if they are not extreme - not only stifles genuine study but has the scent of academic arrogance.

      There is no "solution" to the Synoptic Problem (unless some new,
      indisputable evidence comes to light, like an authentic copy of Q from
      the dusty sands of Egypt dated to the 1st century). So until that happy
      day, what we have to do is offer the best possible solutions. Further,
      until the guild is persuaded by that one perfect theory (which I haven't
      come up with yet) ;-) then we will all continue to think, study,
      write, receive correction, and learn. It is, after all, about the
      journey, not about the destination.



      Jim West, ThD

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