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828Are we serious?

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  • Kym Smith
    May 18, 2007
      Dear Listers,

      Though I am sure I will receive a resounding rebuke (which would be better than the usual resounding silence!) I must ask whether or not the members of this list are actually interested in finding a solution to the Synoptic Problem. It is natural to hold dear one's own conclusions about this or any other matter, but the diversity of answers indicates that no one can be absolutely certain of their particular stance. Simply to ignore or fend off new ideas - especially if they are not extreme - not only stifles genuine study but has the scent of academic arrogance.

      Is this just sour grapes? In part, maybe! Three months ago I posted a whole new approach to the SP. Was it an extreme view? No. Was it a whole essay? No. It was just a simple scenario which, as far as I can see, resolves virtually all the issues that the SP throws up. Apart from one two-word comment (off-list - but for which I am grateful) there was no response at all. No, "How did you come to that?" or "That part of it is worth a bit more thought" or "What evidence do you have for it?" Nothing!

      From time to time the list seems to strain at literary gnats but at times, like here, ignores a camel!

      Surely a group such as this has some responsibility to encourage work on the SP, even from amateurs like me. I know that time is precious but surely a useful question or honest critique, what ever, is not too much to ask. Silence is the least helpful and most discouraging.

      Have I offended by producing a book without first working through the issues on the list? This can't be so because I was moving towards the solution I have now published in my first post to the list in July 2001 and in others subsequently.

      Enough belly-aching from me! I'll now crawl back into my cyber box and get on with all the other things I should be doing.

      Kym Smith

      St Luke's Anglican Church


      South Australia


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